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  1. That is so my style love it all.
  2. Really need to control myself until I sort out my budget this month because I would just spend all my money today on shovels.
  3. They are too cute I said I wouldn't get any more pettlings but that Leopard and now the Dragon... Its not going the right way .
  4. Its a shame so much is CC, even if I wanted to buy CC I couldn't as having problems with my bank at the moment . But the items I will be able to get look amazing looking forward to next week.
  5. I managed to get one after I got home from work yesterday and its quite nice . The only limited item I've brought.
  6. I wanted a cool pet and thought of the coolest guy I could think of. Nicky Hayden - Nicky .
  7. It was 9:58pm here . Unfortunately theres been a crisis in the F1 this weekend and I had to keep people calm about it even if I wasn't so upset by it as they were. If I looked uninterested they'd ask why I was the owner of the site. Drama and they never listen to a word I say anyway .
  8. Really like those paintings, look really nice and something a little different which is so nice. Other then that not really sure I'll have to spend too much.
  9. I finally got everything yesterday afternoon spent all the coins I got and did everything I could to get more but got them all so happy. Really like the Sphinx.
  10. Love the new site, just wasted all my money but only managed to get a few of the items like 5 times each ohh well will go get some more money and try again .
  11. Morning all even though I wanted a lie in on my holiday my new mobile is being delivered today so been up waiting for the delivery. For today only I'm one of those weird people smiling on a Monday morning .
  12. Your pets playhouse is totally brilliant Serenity don't blame you being jealous. I'm so close to getting mine, should have it by tomorrow when I get it I won't know what to do with it .
  13. Happy 4th of July to all the American members hope you have a wonderful day. Hoping all the best for all my American sporting boys today (ok they are all MotoGP riders but meh).
  14. All my teams are out but for beating England I now want Germany to win usually support them for Ballack anyway. They are looking totally amazing this WC, they could do it.
  15. Nicky69

    Pictures of Veljko :)

    Awww he's so sweet I love making babies laugh its so much fun.
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