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  1. omg! nice message... ...i don't know who you are talking about.... stop being so resistant! bahahaha!! just kidding! here's a free bump for ya! good luck with your trades!! BUMP!!!
  2. smorkle

    Funny photos

    AWWW those are so adorable!
  3. logging off for a bit. gotta rest the hand. it's hurting again.
  4. yes! we traded. you sent me something so i sent you something. that's how a trade works dearest.
  5. oh yeah, i noticed that too! it's a great glitch!!!
  6. smorkle

    Rigorous diet..

    the exercising will really help. remember, you're not going to see results right away. the work you do now won't be noticeable for a couple of weeks so just hang in there laz! you can do it!!!!
  7. thanks for that trade :-) i sent over the portrait! BAHAHAHAHA!
  8. i really dislike it. it's slower than ever and the lag really bothers me. i especially don't like seeing smorkle nekkid when i fist log on. i dress her for a reason. if i wanted her to be a heathen i would have left her nekkid with just the club in hand!
  9. wow luka that is really beautiful! you are so lcuky to be able to go to such beautiful places!! the only place i'm going so far is nowhere! haha. i am moving though. we sold our house so we need to find a temporary apartment till we buy another house. so that's where i'm going :-)))
  10. oh, wretched warts! sorry u have another one. i know they can be very painful to get removed. there's this boy that came through our operating room 2 weeks in a row to get them surgically removed. poor you. best of luck!
  11. sorry, non-US-er's... :-( if they are giftable, i will send what i can.... if i can get my grubby little hands on those bottles!
  12. counting 14 again to make up for the miscount on page 5. 14
  13. smorkle

    Rigorous diet..

    my weakness is sweets too laz! i love it so much! cake is my all time favorite..then cookies...then everything else that contains sugar! try cutting out something for 30 days, then it'll stick. it's really hard at first cuz your body literally goes through withdrawal from the sugar, but after a week or two it gets better. the first 2 weeks are the worst! hang in there and you can do it! oh, and don't drink your calories. that's the worst! drink water.
  14. I just wanted to share the good news! Hubby and I listed our house for sale last Friday and we got an offer that following Sunday. We'll be going into escrow tomorrow! I'm feeling a bit homeless now but really excited! It's moving so fast!! eeks!!
  15. "Dynamic Loading"??? that's scary! that just means, "hey, we made some changes...it may or may not work. cross your fingers it's faster, cuz that's what it's supposed to do. but just in case it doesn't, don't say we didn't warn you!"
  16. wow! what a full day laz!! that's so sweet that you spent the day with your neice catching butterflies! i bet she loved it. what recovery????? where??? what happened??? i missed something... :-( i'm glad whatever it is you are recovering. i love those swinging rides! so much fun!!!
  17. 98 hee hee. i just sent u some notes on PS. but i've logged off. just lmk whenever.
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