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  1. okay, i can trade with you but by any chance do you have any 6666 you can trade with instead? if not, that's okay. also, please only send 90 first. then when i tell you, please send the second set of 90. thanks!
  2. sometimes i think i like the bag that the bundles come in better than the contents! ohh, i like the souvenir snowglobes. fun!
  3. it's that time again!!! i can't get on, can you?
  4. it's hard for me to do 99 projects too. but i collect fish biscuits, tree seeds, and of course POO! it's a weird bunch of stuff i collect, but...it's what i do. ha ha
  5. wow! what a great comp! so all we have to do is choose 1 gift and up to 3 gifts per week?
  6. smorkle

    Drop In and Say Hi 2

    your english is so perfect i always forget you are all the way over there! what other languages do you speak? french, dutch, german??? and how did you come to speak such perfect english?
  7. the sweetheart makeup kit that sells in the boutique for 38 CC works the same way as the rainbow body paint kit (collaborative item). once you have it you can go to the stylist or you can put it in your room and click on it. all sweetheart makeup kit items at the stylists have a pink heart on the upper right corner.
  8. smorkle

    Drop In and Say Hi 2

    hi sophie! have you lived in begium your whole life?
  9. aw, i'm so glad you got it finally!!! yay for spooky's little head!!!
  10. woke up, went to work, came home and took a nap, ate dinner, packed and cleaned, played PS, posted on psfc, and NOW ...i'm going to sleep cuz it's 12:15am over here and i have to wake up at 4:30am to go to work. blah!
  11. hey Pedja!! been missing your awesome comps and graphics!...but of course school is more important...we all understand. i hope things are better in the school department now. great to see you again!
  12. smorkle

    Hi guys! :)

    laz!!! love it when you stop by for a surprise visit! how's the violin coming along? i'm waiting for you to go pro and start recording! i'll be in line to buy your cd!
  13. great to see you again aya!! i'm glad you're still in one piece! poor thing! happy belated birthday to you as well. i'm glad you have so many special people in your life! i can relate to your laptop situation...i just got mine back a few weeks ago! ...and you know, as the girls have mentioned above, you can ask us anything without feeling embarrassed ....you can send me a message on fb too if you ever need anything. *hugz*
  14. right now...sadly...i'm going to log off PS and take a nap. really need it. had an early start with work. nite nite!
  15. i really like this upcoming weeks items! love the rainbows...in fact, i cleared one of my rooms for it!!! love the new wigs too! yeah, i'm a huge fan of care bears too but i was a my little pony gal too "care bears....CARES!" LOL...couldn't resist.
  16. i just did it and it worked. it's not in your chest but outside like tiddly said...
  17. it's about time Xavier!!! welcome!!!!
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