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  1. really?didn't really notice....or i guess i don't really mind that change...
  3. lol...i agree, i don't remember my scores right now but i know that they are all pretty low. it is hard playing with those darn toys!!! i swear i clicked it but there that frisbee goes!!! it's easier finding the mayors pets than playing with their toys!!
  4. ...what are you guys talking about? i'm so oblivious these days.... what inbox??
  5. smorkle

    Grrrrr weather!

    that would make me crazy too! i hate trying decide what to wear when leaving the house and not coming back till evening on days like that..??..!! sending you warmth and sunny days your way!!
  6. boo for cleaning, but i understand it HAS to get done! good luck!!! see you when you get back!
  7. boo for extra large piles of worksheets to do!! wish i could tell you it gets better, but it doesn't!! tee hee hee! hang in there, later you'll wish all you had to do were worksheets!!!
  8. here are some more pics...sorry, i don't have my computer right now and i'm on hubby's so i can't resize it ....sorry! oops some duplicates..
  9. 1454 when are you done with school? i mean all the way done...graduation done i mean. work is taking up most of my life right now. i thought i'd be on this non-stop schedule till the end of may but i have to wait till the end of june now. boo. well, at least the money is good so i can't complain about that. just really tired and i don't get to goof off as much as i'd like to is all. other than that, same ol same ol stuff. i see kivie on fridays at work. she is good but totally overworked.
  10. congrats!! your room is deliciously pink! love that your pet is black with eyes that look like diamonds!!
  11. sending you BIG hugz!!!! i hope you feel better! sometimes i feel uneasy...then i realize i just have gas! BAHAHAHAHA!!! really, i do hope you are feeling better. and that is the sweetest note in your siggy!!
  12. WOWIE!!! the prizes went up!! someone's gonna be rich!!
  13. 1450 this is almost like our own private forum now. bahahaha! how have you been?
  14. ok, so far i've received 3 floating islands and 5 Cinderella mice.
  15. great rooms everyone!!! the bundle itself was a bit boring but your rooms are definitely not. great job so far everyone!!
  16. sounds great!!!! please send when you can... oh, i already sent you the poster by the way
  17. hi-a juan! sorry, i missed your original post. i hope you are well and having fun here. please let me know if there's anything i can help you with.
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