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  1. ohhh, i remember this video! so funny to see all those old items. i used to get so excited about all those things...we'd have to try to make things with the shelves or food items! now there's so much stuff...it's PS gone crazy now!
  2. the new items look so much fun! can't wait. really like all the costumes and outfits!
  3. sure, typical Chay! always thinking of others first!!! i love your list! who is JLS?
  4. yes, sorry about that. a little hiccup now resolved. i'm glad you found us through google april. also, the admins/mods have been posting the link via their facebook profiles and sent out an email blast. but gotta love google!
  5. hi-a sukii! welcome welcome welcome! so happy to have you join our family! please let me know if you need any help at all. love your siggy! so cute!! did yo make that yourself??
  6. yeah, i love this weeks theme too! it's so cute! the watermelon dress is adorable and i love the new plushies with their excited arms waving about in the air!!
  7. right?! so many things to buy!! tee hee hee. for some reason he's always wanted an NSX (i think..hee hee) it's an older car. i think it's just nostalgic for him but he's always loved this car for some reason... (sorry the picture is so big. i'm at work and can't adjust the picture size) ohhh, i like your tast in cars! i'd go out and get a Carrera!!!
  8. thanks gals! tee hee hee. playing games in bed again!!! i love it. i'm at work right now though and tried getting on PS...no good... it kicked me off! boo! yes, i'm sure hubby is oh so happy to be seeing me in bed playing games again - NOT!!! tee hee hee. i'm so happy it's alive again!!!
  9. first thing i'd buy is a car for my husband. i'd spend my hump day by driving it over to his office to surprise him and to tell him we're rich!!! ha ha ha!!
  10. I hope everyone is doing well so far this week! If you won 10 Million Dollars this morning, what's the first thing you would buy and how would you spend your hump day?
  11. ur welcome salwa Yay, my laptop is finally fixed!!!!! I'm so happy to have it back. I've been on it for the last few hours! Hubby ended up putting in a new hard drive and redoing EVERYTHING after we got it back from the apple store. anyway it worked. I got everything back too cuz like a good hubby, he backs it up! didn't even know he did that. he gets some points there!! anyhoo, i'm really excited to have it back and i'm going to be working on some new comps and games. i hope you all participate.
  12. i watched it AT LEAST 10 times now and every time i see that bed break i think of you steph and i giggle!!! you are such a cute silly willy!!!
  13. not sure if i can even buy the igloo...is it trade-able? anyone know? please name your price.
  14. sorry, i just checked my chest...don't have it. BUMP for you!!
  15. i really like the watermelon dress. so cute! and i love the fact that we can put either one ribbon or two on them. really cute!
  16. oh stasia, you are so cute! i love your new room!!
  17. some of you may already know, but a couple of weeks ago, my Macbook Pro died....or so i thought it did. i took it into the Mac store and they said they'd fix it...little did i know hubby accidentally put the wrong hard drive in when i took it in and well...long story short, i got it back today and it did turn on, but when i put my hard drive back in, it still wouldn't work. i'm so sad to be without it. i've been using hubby's computer all this time and it sucks not being able to play from bed or the couch where it's comfy. i'm so lazy when i'm home sometimes, i really need my laptop so i can play in bed!! anyhoo, i just wanted to share cuz i'm kinda bummed about it. ok, that's all. i'm gonna go look at new items now.. *sigh*
  18. yes, ur house is always cute...and mr. mayor is only interested in selling his stuff. that's why hideeni likes lurking about in his house. he's always trying to get in on all his action, but in reality, we only like mr. mayor for his free coins. thanks mr. mayor, but you're creepy too. bahahaha, i made myself laugh!! LOL to myself!!!
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