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  1. thank you stasia, i will check those places this weekend. cross my fingers i find some. i'll let you know if i do
  2. ok, here is mine. it's an older room. i've had it for quite some time now. the ducks have taken over!
  3. welcome ashabelle!!! so great to have you with us!! love your avatar! so cutie! please let me know if there is anything i can help you with!!
  4. yikes! scared me for a second! my rooms are still there...
  5. i'm so glad you love it yvette! i loved the HP weekS and i know that you weren't really a fan so i'm glad they are having a candy week! besides, who doesn't love willy wonka!?!!!
  6. i couldn't believe this news either!!! RIP Amy Winehouse!
  7. @ hannah~ yay! already delivered!! @ agne~ please post on the facebook thread so i can deliver to you. thanks. edit: okay agne, i just added you to the list and sent you some candy also, i've moved this thread to official comps and giveaways since it is an official giveaway..
  8. have a great time luka!! can't wait to see your photos!!!
  9. hi Anaida...sounds like you've got a very serious case of the school girl crush x10!!! just curious, how old is this professor? and... do you think you want to be with someone that is obnoxious and arrogant? is that the type of person you deserve? most likely you will answer "no, you don't". just remember that you are valuable and should be cherished and respected. you deserve someone that will recognize you as such. as for what to do...hmmm...you should hang around your friends more and tell your close friends how you are feeling. then they can help you be accountable for your actions. you have to tell them though exactly what you need from them. for example: tell them, "don't let me google him anymore". that way, they can help you!!! i wish you the best of luck. please keep us posted. we're here for you too!
  10. welcome russell!!! great to have you join us! please let me know if you have any questions!!!
  11. cute room hannah!!! this is such a great comp stasia! i went out to look for the specially marked dr. peppers and couldn't find them. i've given up! i'm glad you were able to get some!! i'll post my room in a bit. it's a room that I already have :-)
  12. oh no!!! that is terrible! i don't use the chat function on fb..i only email, but yes, i agree, when there is a group email, i wish it could be separated out to send it just to 1 or some individuals. i'm sorry that happened to you. ugg, just awful! good thing you didn't say anything bad!!
  13. It's easy. Just "like" PSFC on facebook, put your name down on the free candy post and Smorkle will deliver lovely candy to your doorstep. Make your request by clicking HERE Who doesn't LOVE free candy???!!!???
  14. i think most people already know this but jennifer is pregnant and is expecting!!!!!!!!!! she will be due shortly i believe! can't wait to see pics!!
  15. Hi analda! welcome to psfc! how did you find us? so glad to have you join! please let me know if you have any questions.
  16. yes! Yes! YES!!!! then i remember someone out there has it worse than me but then i have a pitty party for myself cuz i feel like... well, that's not my life but mine sucks right now and i have to deal with mine, not there's, so there!! blek!!! ...and i know this idea sucks but....it could always be worse. i know that sucks to say and think about, especially when you are feeling the way you are....but i've learned to be grateful for what i have and where i am in life no matter what since in the past, it had gotten worse... a lot worse. chin up sweetness. give it time, it will get worse, but we are here for you. i'm here for you! ...then, it will get better. you will get better and in hindsight, it will have been difficult, but you'll be a lot stronger...even if you don't want to be, you will.
  17. yeah, the new loading bothers me too... but still can't stop visiting my little smorkle. as for hp items, yeah i can see if you're not a big fan 3 weeks would be wayyyy too long!!! sorry dear. i hope they have something better in store for you next week
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