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  1. oh yeah, i'm all for a new wheel too but feel bad for everyone who hasn't gotten their wings yet...
  2. OMG! that is so funny! i'm going to use that line from now on!!!
  3. mmmm not sure.. i'll send you one and you can test it out! ha ha!! i think lin yao (gaia's pet) drank it cuz she has hearts for eyes. hee hee. sending now. edit: tiddly beat me to the punch. still sending you the love potion
  4. yeah, there are a lot of fish....... ....i was shocked to see how many wigs you have! OMG!! that's a crazy number of wigs! i want to call you the "wig lady" now!! LOL! bahahaha!
  5. @sara~ thank you so much for the fish bait! i added it to my OCD collection! LOL! @tiddley~ i returned the fish bait to you cuz sara just sent me one. thank you so much for gifting that to me. and thank you for trying to send me the icy bait. aw well. i'll just have to photoshop that into a siggy or something. ha ha! @lea~ those are the two i saw! thank you!! i love you guys!
  6. ohhh, okay...i see what you are talking about. i have the secret garden already and i have the bee, snail and ladybug too..... i'm talking about the fish bait that looks like fish. i saw them in someones house... i'm gonna go see if i can find them again and take a screen shot... hmmm....just 163 houses to visit...
  7. huh??? what secret garden???? i'm so confused! there's a ladybug, snail and bee fish bait??? ug!!! i'm gonna check my chest for those names. thank you!
  8. thanks lisa! ~~~~~~~~~ wow, that's great!! our lisa is a star!!! i'm sure you did fabulous chairing the meeting. you're a natural leader!!! i hope it works out for the school. that would be terrible to put age 3-18 together....such a bad idea!
  9. whoa! wings...wigs.... you guys have a lot!!!! whoa...that's all i've got to say.
  10. I think I'm missing a couple fish bait...I was doing a rare visit to some houses and saw a couple I didn't own. I left a note for that person asking what they were called but never got a response. Can anyone help me out? What am I missing??? I'm obsessed with having all the fish bait! LOL! what i have so far: EDIT: updated! SPECIAL THANKS TO SARA, YVETTE & SALWA!!! thank you for supporting my OCD for fish bait!!! LOL!!!
  11. only the owner can buy it really?? bummer! @luka ~ i sent over the wizard cat potion as you requested lol..let me know if you need any potions. i believe gaia is giving potions away as well. gotta love psfc!!
  12. ?? no idea... sorry. anyone else know?
  13. The table sells them for 100 coins but if you know which one you want drop me a note in PS and I'll send it to you. I have LOTS in my chest right now! When making a request for a potion, please limit it to 1 potion per person per day. Potion List: Hideeni Transformation Troll Transformation Wizard Cat Transformation Wizard Love Transformation Wizard Luck Transformation *if you're not yet on my friends list, please send me a request with the subject "PSFC" and i will add you. without the "PSFC", i will ignore the request. thanks!
  14. ugg! the wheel is so stingy sometimes...it's just like hideeni! i really hope you guys are able to get your wings. does anyone know how much longer they are going to keep the butterflies on the wheel??
  15. smorkle

    What does...

    when the traffic lets up cuz everyone is at home now!!! whoop whoop for no traffic!!
  16. haha!!! i would have laughed too!! that is funny!
  17. you are so good!! i have so much junk and i can't get myself to let them go. i seriously feel like i'm a hoarder at heart sometimes!! LOL!!! right now i'm relaxing and trying to get in some much needed psfc time while hubby is sound asleep. once he's up it'll be time to paint our bedroom walls. good news!! someone made a bid on our house!!! it's only been listed for 2 days now too! i'm really excited! oh, for those of you who didn't know, i'm trying to sell my house so we can get a bigger one. yay!!!!...*fingers crossed*
  18. Ha Ha!!! Thanks everyone!!! Having a great 4th of July here. Spending the day painting our room then off to spend time with family then friends then for some fireworks tonight!! Happy 4th to everyone in the US celebrating as well!
  19. hi-a! your profile pic cracks me up!! welcome!!!
  20. laz!! love seeing you around here with your violin!! yes, we're still working on it.
  21. i see everyone is asleep over yonder on the other side of the globe i just got home from work an hour ago. gonna get some dinner now and maybe a movie too!!
  22. yeah, it's too hard for me to keep track too. i only noticed the bluebell dress was gone cuz i wanted to dress her in it and couldn't find it anywhere. it was such an old item, i guess PF decided on their own to discontinue it without telling us . so much for buying it with our hard earned coins! back then i had to run the races in order to buy things!
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