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  1. yeah, i've had things disappear on me too! my bluebell dress has never returned!
  2. wow, we've been playing for a long time! LOL!! my first week was chinese new years when the green dragon first came out! i think it was the january after PS first started...
  3. toothaches - boo harry potter week - yay ~~~~~~~~~~~~ just got up about an hour or so ago. still in bed tee hee hee. felt good to sleep in since i worked a 15 hour shift yesterday. my first day off without anything to do in a really long time it seems. the house is REALLY clean and empty since we've put just about everything in storage so the only chore left for me to do is some laundry. not too bad :-) i think i'm going to work on some new comps for psfc today. i hope people will play. :-)
  4. sorry i just read your post. i'm glad you love it! i hope you enjoy your extra rooms!!!
  5. but there are worms in your cupcakes! i want a sunny day!
  6. you have over 500! that is great! keep chatting away like lucky and soon you'll have 12,000 too...but wait by then lucky will probably be up to 20,000!!!!
  7. off to bed now. had a full day of cleaning! boo, no fun! photographer came by and took pics of my house. hopefully our house will sell fast so we can get another one without being homeless for too long! *fingers crossed* good night and good morning to everyone!!
  8. who doesn't love cupcakes!! they are just mini cakes!!! i love LOVE LOVE CAKE!!!!! those are so adorable!
  9. i would have to agree with that! LOL!!!
  10. Jeanie, you are awesome! All the best Nida!! tee hee hee
  11. @salwa - i haven't been here cuz i was waiting for you to come over...i thought you were going to help me pack and clean my house???? @chay - i love that you wrote this!!! "a place where great friends get together " --> now that is what psfc is all about!!!
  12. i sent you a f/r. please accept and i will send you a surprise also, this was another duplicate thread so i deleted your other one. BUMP!
  13. i agree with both lucky. the fireflies in a jar are fun. the first time they moved across the room i went --> hee hee. as for the vacation packages, yeah, way too expensive even for me!
  14. thank you. all received and london vacation ticket sent. + rep added. would you like for me to close this thread now?
  15. thanks imon! please start sending over the payment so i can send you the London Vacaiton ticket for 45cc cc as soon as it becomes available. with the time difference and my crazy work schedule, i don't want to mess it up.... but if i don't get the full payment, i won't be able to send it since it's a cc trade. thanks so much!
  16. what items did you want? if they are specials, i need to know ahead of time. i work...a lot! so please let me know. also, i send you a pm.
  17. so they finally ran out of ideas, figures they'd FINALLY take our suggestions!
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