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  1. yay! congrats april! that's a great room!
  2. i wish i had a block of time just for the holidays...i miss those days when i was in school looking forward to a break...but no, that's not the case anymore. hoping to go on vacation in november though for our anniversary so that'll be nice.
  3. Can't believe I forgot to buy one of these! Does anyone have 1 extra? Can't remember the name but the picture is above. Please state your price or item you want to trade for. Thanks!!
  4. sent you the wig and ...i was going to send you the plushie too but after looking through my chest i realized i didn't buy any!! omg! i missed that one too as for the wings, you can still get them buy logging in for 5 days straight from the wheel
  5. Congratulations Hannah!! That sounds like a great wedding on the beach with swimming in your formal ware!! So happy for you! You'll have to share some pictures with us!!
  6. LOL!! classic addict behavior!! i hope you all have a wonderful time!!!!
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited today is Saturday! Finally a day off from work! I know most of you work Monday-Friday, but I usually don't... however, this past week I did. I worked M-F 10 hours.day!! Needless to say, I'm REALLY happy to have the weekend to myself. So far this is what I have planned for today: Sleep in (check!) Play PS & PSFC (partial check! LOL) Eat lots of snacks (still to do) Do all the laundry - boo (Started but can't check off the list yet) Take a nap in the afternoon with the cat (still to do) Maybe go for a walk if the sun comes out (still to do) Get my nails done (still to do) Go through junk mail (still to do) ....ummmm, that's pretty much all I've got planned! pretty lazy, huh?!!!!! What are you up to??
  8. Special Mother's day wishes to our newest mom's Gaia and Chay!!
  9. A very special Happy Mothers Day to all our precious Mother's on this day as we celebrate Mother's day in the US!!!
  10. yeah, i'm not sure about the pink swan and pink robot too. they are probably hacks. as for the other items, they are older items that they sold for cc or in the store way back in the beginning-ish.
  11. as always, great job!! you've got so much talent in those hands!!!
  12. whoa! that is SO cool! really, those are the sounds that it captured? it's amazing to hear such things! it really does sound eerie!
  13. ohhhh, nice!! finally something new! i hope it's not glitchy but regardless i can't wait to start collecting some butterflies!
  14. me too, i'm with gabs...i laugh at pretty much everything...even when it's not funny to anybody else, i still laugh at it all!! laughing is great! i love feeling the ache in my stomach and having tears well up in my eyes! it just makes you feel good!
  15. welcome back haroon! nice to see you here again. i'm glad to hear that your in your senior year and i'm sure people still think you are waaay older than you really are
  16. omg! thank you so much!!!! really??? duh on me! thanks! earon just gifted me one also. thanks guys!!
  17. yay! new stuff is out now! i like it all except you can't put a table in front of the new couch...but still i really like the sleeping black cat on it!
  18. i too am a fan of harry potter or as we call it in my house harry pot pot (don't ask why cuz there really is no reason) however, i didnt' want to start reading the series until all the movies are out. i hate going back and forth from book to movie... i'd rather have all of it at my immediate disposal! tee hee! but you can count me in as a true fan! (don't tell but i ALMOST love HPP as much as i love twilight! yikes!) that may change after i read the books! @tiddley~ love Howl's Moving Castle!!
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