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  1. nice items. please pm me for the prices.. thanks!
  2. if price is not a problem K&N air intakes setups are preferred here in the Philippines most would settle with simota brand but if u want performance then by all means grab a k&n me? I'd really like to grab this dodge srt8! lol.
  3. W W! Congrats with your greenies! Keep it up!
  4. we are still sorting out the dinner cars for those members who paid but cudn't make it to the dinner. any extras will be put up for sale. as for the 62 chevy, there will be a different colour out in the coming months. good to hear that. Thanks for the info!
  5. By any chance.. do u guys have an extra dinner car, custom 62 chevy right? I love that casting and would really like to have one
  6. yayix

    yesterday haul

    all nice lookin catch u got there
  7. yayix

    morning haul

    saw a rocket box before but i decided not to buy it.. it's small but a quite heavy car
  8. wahh.. must be a deliberate error! somebody's sleeping on their job. lol
  9. Hmm no since 68 and classics in malaysia? Here in our place we have both, but the classics are series 4 only. There are lots of tail draggers btw and good thing is their all on sale at half the price. Congrats on all your cars!
  10. Think u will..soon! Btw..it cost RM14.90 Malaysia Ringgit!! i hope... Thanks!
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