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  1. Dont know why but the internet keeps coming on now and then even though because we are in the middle of moving house it should be cut off. If i ignore any of you its not on purpose its the net (honest ) In our new house we have a conservatory its an old one with tiled floor but it has a double door to get into it so i have decided he can keep his project in there and work on it in comfort. Am im mad
  2. I get lost ALL the time and trust me its not on purpose
  3. Great pics the weather looks good too God i love the summer
  4. You two are living on very dangerous ground lol
  5. now you tell me mind you you didn't have a bike when i went Very true Dave And me its only an hour away up the beautiful A49
  6. Now now lowering the tone again firehawk
  7. Well done both up we stay where we r for this season
  8. Just shove some baby wipes under your seat or in your pocket and some tissues
  9. My youngest lives in shrewsbury its a beautiful place. Great pics and loving the VW
  10. weather looks great nice pics
  11. Nice bike happy riding and hope you enjoyed your birthday
  12. Just a few of the Katanas and other bikes that we met up with yesterday [img][/img] This is my mates bike he has just given it a good blinging looking well nice [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] This is my hubby talking to one of our mates that has come down from Scotland Great day but it was bloody cold
  13. Yeah congrats I doubt people would celebrate if we got promoted though (LEEDS)
  14. [img][/img] He has probs with the carbs if your on oss there is a thread about it unfortunately he is struggling he has said the carb has been stripped, cleaned & pilot jet swapped. All choke & pilot routes clean & clear but cylinder 2 is still crap
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