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  1. Lock up clutch £100 2 ohm dyna coils and taylor leads £80 Rearsets with harris master cylinder and rizoma reservoir £120 1127 Slingshot engine £350 (pick up only) Any questions feel free to ask these are the items left after my hubby has stripped his streetfighter
  2. suzukijax

    hi folks

    This is fact, Mel told me....Dave chose a new caravan over a new motorbike NOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. suzukijax

    hi folks

    welcome Mel (just to let you know if you have anything you wish to share about Dave inbox me the details and i promise i wont tell anyone )
  4. Can you not do the stickers through vista print
  5. suzukijax

    New bike

    Anybody know of any EFE's for sale hubby is on the look out for one
  6. Each to their own i hate them rather have a cage but like i said each to their own
  7. Im going out on a limb here NOOOOO ITS A BLOODY HONDA
  8. suzukijax


    Hello and welcome
  9. A bike is for riding if you are too interested in the building of one more than riding then buy a hack for restoration and a decent one for father and son then you have the best of both worlds or like Noz says just change the seat unit and get the lad to help.
  10. I have been a veggie for 20 odd years now and the reason for this is i cant stand the texture of any meat it makes me throw up so i gave up eating it the only sort i eat which is sometimes a chore is fish
  11. Thoughts are with the rider hope they are ok
  12. Thanks dave i will see what im doing sat night and if its another night in the chances i might
  13. I would end up in bloody lincoln or some other way of place but i will think about it
  14. [img][/img] This is the other project that needs a little tlc before he can get it on the road
  15. Same here will defo go overdrawn filling the bike up all the time but who cares
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