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  1. suzukijax

    Hi all

    Welcome to the site and to biking
  2. Caravan whose got a caravan ???????? nobody mentioned caravans im allergic to caravans and i havent had my jabs
  3. As a female if my new boyfriend / friend was spying on me i would kick him to the kerb within seconds. Delete the account and start trusting her or walk away
  4. Great pics and you have had the best week weather wise we are going on Friday for a couple of days but the weather according to the tv is going to be pants
  5. I had some but didnt take to them so wouldnt buy anymore. Some of the girls on the other site have them and swear by them but its what make you buy as they come all shape and sizes tell stue to take you to a bike clothing shop and try differant makes on (i wouldnt wear them for long distance riding either leathers or textiles)
  6. Great bargins well done
  7. And me living in Cheshire its a little lonely down / up here and im crap at finding my back gate never mind any meeting place lol
  8. Why is the girl covering her ears is it because she is part of the 3 monkeys hear speak see no evil
  9. Keep her away from the engine though or you will get melted plastic everywhere
  10. first off this guy could just be a friend as you have said and secondly she could of loudly and abruptly said you were just friends cause she was embarrassed about people asking who you were in front of you and she wanted the situation to go away quickly to ease her embarrassment as she isnt sure how you want to handle the relationship whether its as friends or more, so you really have one option and ask her, if you dont you will feel like this for ever and a day
  11. Oh im a right dirty bitch when i go camping especially the Bulldog Bash i take baby wipes for a quick wipe and nothing else no shampoo no hair dryer and defo no straightners (cause i dont own any lol )
  12. Cheers guys my mother says im mad for letting him but its for my benefit aswell
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