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  1. Lol xsll00 no not eaten meat for 20 odd years its the packing up of fags that did it
  2. Thats brill maxnod looking forward to hearing off you
  3. Yes but itchy the reason i have put them up for sale is because i have lost a stone and half and therefore they are too big in the waist before
  4. One pair of ladies kevla jeans worn once waist 36inches (label says 34)??? and inside leg was 34 now altered to a 30inch want textile jacket for a swap or £55 which inc pp
  5. Good jacket but too big for me
  6. I must admit i always wear a rucksack when going to work on my bike i have shoes, uniform, bottle of lucozade, 2 sml bottles of water, diary, headache and pro plus tabs and pens i even bought a bottle of wine home in it the other day off the boss so maybe i should think of putting my tank bag on or putting my rucksack on the pillion seat under a cargo net as it is quite heavy
  7. Northwich is only half hour away from me but this year we will be taking the bikes to bonny scotland
  8. Im looking for a 14 as i want some room for a few layers as i wear my textile either at night or in winter Had a look at Aldi and they didnt have any in
  9. I took my bike to Ireland last year and the blokes were great the bike was tied down safely no issues
  10. Looking for a used or cheap textile jacket so if anyone knows of any please let me know my zip has broken on mine (and its a tad too big now )
  11. hope both of you are ok nearly dropped mine this morning coming home from work had a very hard night one of the ladies we look after died and we were nursing her for 9 hours came home on the bike turned into the side street and nearly dropped it because i was taking a hill start too slow as i was turning right
  12. Nooooo My name is Jax and i DONT know any Harley riders
  13. suzukijax


    Hello and welcome
  14. WORK !!!!! but there is the bonus of going in on the bike
  15. Hi welcome janiney glad you came over (jacqui)
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