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Everything posted by suzukijax

  1. Brill pic ( loving the student look too )
  2. See him every year at the Bulldog great bloke and legend
  3. suzukijax


    Hello and welcome
  4. Not a cricket fan so cant help maybe he has fallen out with his missus for going to the game and she has given him an ultimatum cricket or me
  5. There's even one for dave there Alberto The Trailer
  6. Hubby's mother lives there but i dont go to house so no
  7. "the uk under Gordon Brown " Yes and the rest of the politicians lol
  8. Itchy are you trying to say mrs stue11 has a heavy rear end
  9. Falling out whose falling out this is friendly banter thats all
  10. understand what your saying my hubby got me into biking and wished he hadnt as i have become a worse car driver now going over the you know what a little you know what nudge nudge wink wink fanny's your aunty and bobs your uncle and all that
  11. Im with Rose on this one get her cbt done and a nice little 125
  12. Sorry to hear that. I cant stand cats or dogs but i have seen the effect of having pets put down on family members and its sad
  13. not his age jax it Work ( spits) Ive always known it was bad for your health Tell me about it
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