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  1. I have had my v-twin for a year and a half now and i love it best bike up to now that i have had its a naked 2001 and it we have done average about 7k and i could easily tour on it without a doubt. My insurance is £72 a year fully comp ( im only a bit older than you )
  2. suzukijax


    There is nothing wrong with hondas they are just a bike that we dont like
  3. suzukijax


    Hubby is looking for a new bike (new to him ) he is looking at early 750 - 1100 GSXR's but will consider other bikes but not honda's
  4. Feel for you mate i didnt quite ride to work i rode home from work glorious sunshine wind non existant but well knackered so had to go home to bed .... what a waste of a beautiful day
  5. My dad died 3 years ago suddenly miss him more than words can say and wish he was here to celebrate but he isnt so its good to hear others having good days and lots of silly useless pressies
  6. I travel up that dreaded 500 near you to get to work then down the A34 which isnt too bad but hate the 500
  7. Nice bike but doubt you will get more than 1,500 - 1,800
  8. Already decided to ride bike to work sick of the early morning traffic jams on the way home
  9. My doorman has a video of his mrs pulling his tooth out with a pair of pliers a couple of years ago he has no pain threshold and said it was fun Another friend went to the hospital and complained about his jaw aching the hospital made him an appointment and he had his tooth taken out free of charge
  10. Can you put me down for this got time off work but just got to see how my interview goes for another job and of course money
  11. Brill nicked it and put it as my FB status
  12. I know so the bike is out all the time And the fixtures are out on the 17th
  13. so glad he only rides a push bike cause if he drove a car or rode a motorbike he would kill other peeps being such a blind git
  14. Glad your ok the bike can be repaired or replaced
  15. http://cycle-ergo.com/ Nicked of the other forum
  16. Not a criminal matter, but the police actually employ the traffic wardens and i bet they took the coffers off the parking tickets too.
  17. Bugger came off my restriction 2 months ago. Good luck Chad
  18. Anyone know of a good site i can use to show me (refresh) me on fractions and areas i have a numeracy test at the hospital and i cant do maths
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