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  1. Been camping at oulton park all weekend and it didnt stop raining on the sunday the track to get out of the park was so muddy it was extremely slippy too but the racing was brill
  2. sorry to disapoint you all but im not going to be able to make this.... I know I know your just going to have to make as good a weekend as you can without me no matter how hard its going to be The reason is im going to Oulton park camping to watch the racing as i have a few friends coming over from the Manx Isle and other parts of the country for a meet up that weekend so sorry again and im sure you will all have a great time
  3. After looking into my levers i have found out that they are from china not Japan i have had mine a while now and they are as good as new they are blue. I think that most things red fade anyway even car paint etc so i wouldnt put that down as a flaw
  4. Havent a bloody clue i might get there a week after you due to my lack of direction
  5. I have had the Jap levers on my bike for ages and they are brill
  6. Nice one That ebay is lethal i tend to spend a fair bit on that at 2-3 in the morning while im trying to stay up late for my night shift the next day
  7. suzukijax


    Has anyone got a SV or Bandit black headlight size 7 - 9 inches hubby needs one for his efe
  8. Just required this and its not bad i have a soft spot for Quo so i was quite looking forward to their new CD. It gets the off me
  9. Not clip on no but have changed them with risers and they come slight back so there not straight either lol
  10. Dont know where they got the info about the height from as its well known that the SV is a favourite for the ladies as we are all generally under 6ft im 5ft 3 and the bike is perfect
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