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  1. had this for about 8 years and not ridden it since 2009 so I think its about time it went to someone who will use it. Its a 2002 Gsxr 1000 never road registered it was originally used in the British Superstock championship by a Chesterfield based team called Krystal Racing, they later changed to R1's and won the championship with Lee Jackson. Its got Ohlins fork internals, braided hoses,blueprinted engine, Kevlar racing clutch plates,power commander, BMC filter. The pipe shown in the pictures isn't fitted any more its a bit noisy but will be included.Its got standard downpipes with an Art race can and also a standard can,520 chain and sprockets. set of wets on wheels with another rear wheel and disc, (no screws for disc, never got round to buying any,) tyres fitted are Metrzeler Rennsports and have done one day at Donnington, theres also another set of Dunlop wets, a pair of Dunlop D209 GPs that have done one day at Silverstone and a pair of used Supercorsas I bought off ebay and never used. theres also some spares, handlebars,footpegs levers.In the past couple of weeks I've changed the oil/filter, put new plugs in and had it running, had all the pistons out of the brake calipers and cleaned them up, fresh fluid. it needs a new battery which I will put on if and when somebody buys it, cant see the point of buying one if it doesn't sell. I can provide the chassis number for anybody to check it out and also the phone number of the guy who used to be a mechanic for Krystal racing and bought this bike from them to use as a track bike. bad points the rev counter doesn't work, no idea why its a track bike not a road bike so its a bit scabby, no V5 asking £2200 http://s707.photobucket.com/user/chrissoftley/media/Gixxer/GixerSide-EndView_zps1a63fb3a.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  2. to be honest I just feel like letting it rot away, spent time and quite a bit of money getting it ready after this guy pestered me for weeks to come and look at it and 2 days after he makes an offer he pulls out. 2 weeks ago he was going to come and bring me the money for it without even looking at it. what a Dick
  3. why me, the bloke who said he was having my Gixxer has been involved in an accident at work and been suspended.sales off.
  4. I haven't ridden it for over 5 years so thought I would let it go to somebody who's going to use it. Might as well use the money to get something I will use.
  5. sold the Gixxer thats in my avatar today, guys coming to pick it up next weekend.
  6. America believe it or not, theyre made in Lancashire and shipped out there but its cheaper to import one from the USA. rip off Britain?
  7. you'll need to sort the fueling out,its going to run lean now because its breathing easier.
  8. http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/why-have-all-crisps-got-a-saturday-as-best-before-date
  9. I bought 2 HID kits,one for my Ducati and one for the Mrs's Gixxer, never got round to fitting it to the Ducati but I put the dip beam in the Gixxer and I'm glad I didn't fit the main beam as they take a second or two to warm up when you switch them on, not much good for flashing people.
  10. went a couple of years ago, it was cold,muddy and theres a lot of cars racing.good to get out of the house though.
  11. My Mrs used to have one of those and if your only getting 130 miles out of a tank theres something wrong. 16 litres =3 1/2 gallons at 120 miles thats 34 mpg. she used to get 170-180 miles easily.
  12. I went Italian but came back, £1200 a year servicing did me.
  13. You could set it to take you to Manchester then when your just outside re programme it to take you to Newcastle.
  14. That looks sweet could do with finding out a bit more about it its called the megatron, plenty of info available if you google it.
  15. we've got this running under the city center in Sheffield, I've lived here all my life and only found out about it earlier this year https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=megatron+sheffield&rlz=1C1CHFX_enGB516GB516&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=899&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=wRpuVMzEAoHtaM-DgcAD&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ
  16. +1 as Chad says Arai's have removable inners, they also come in different sizes so you can tailor the helmet to fit you perfectly and if they do start to feel a bit baggy all you need to do is buy a set of cheek pads for about £40. I had an Arai for about 6 years before it started to feel a bit loose so thats what I did, had a crash a couple of weeks after though and wrecked it. Most manufacturers reccomend you change them every 5 years anyway, thats if you wear it every day though.
  17. Eurosport 2 7.30am tomorrow morning.
  18. you just got to ask the question though what kind of heartless B*****d shoots at kids that age.
  19. chance to get out after Christmas is over. http://www.classicbikeshows.com/event/the-carole-nash-classic-bike-guide-winter-classic-2/
  20. I'm going the first Saturday, whatever date that is.
  21. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Walker-Locksmiths-WL403-Graphite-Powder/dp/B007D46BFO/ref=sr_1_2?s=diy&ie=UTF8&qid=1415286263&sr=1-2&keywords=graphite+powder Same stuff but half the price what with postage. If you can find a locksmiths locally they probably stock it.
  22. This weekend http://malloryparkcircuit.com
  23. +1 and when they do eventually wear out you can send them off to be refurbished,they come back looking like new. try here http://www.fc-moto.de/epages/fcm.sf/en_GB/?ViewAction=View&ObjectID=2693547&PageSize=20&Page=2 I bought an Arai off them last year and they were spot on. delivery was quicker than a lot of UK shops.
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