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  1. just asking because Ive got a GSXR rear disk somewhere. Also when my gixxer pins siezed i managed to get them out by grinding through them where theyre exposed to go through the pads, bending them slightly then just turning them with a pair of mole grips to break the corrosion. got to be careful though as theyre a bit brittle and can snap. got my new ones from here http://www.wemoto.com/ Suzuki wanted £28 each for them, i got both for about a tenner.
  2. suggestion. why not camp at the Brands Hatch round of the British Superbikes on 18.19 and 20th of July, camping only costs £18 per person for the weekend and you dont have to go into the circuit as the campsites just outside.You can choose between quiet family campite or the noisy site and theres the Kentagon pub where you can get a meal or a drink after the racings finished. Theres also the Thistle hotel for anybody whos feeling a bit flush.
  3. anybody up for this, they decided to have it somewhere a bit more accessible this year http://www.thundersprint.com/index.htm
  4. after my little off last year and finding out how much a replacement headlight is for my bike from Mr Yamaha (£900 ) I decided to try and find a protector for it.after a little search I came across this site http://www.madhornets.com/headlight/ not just headlights cheap but fairing brackets,headlight lenses and loads of other goodies.
  5. wish I could but I'm going to be up to my elbows in a diesel tank changing a fuel pump
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulhudson/posts/UK-flooding-put-in-context
  7. According to the environment agency although theres a lot of land flooded there have only been 40 homes flooded but back in 2007 when 23,000 homes were flooded in Yorkshire we didnt get anywhere near as much publicity/ news coverage. Guess its because were all flat cap wearing whippet breeders from ooop north somewhere.
  8. Might be going saturday now, just depends on getting a hotel booked.
  9. is it for carpel tunnel ? my Mrs has got that she has had to have steroid injections into her wrists. if that doesnt work its the operation. she didn't have to go to hospital for her diagnosis, GP did it for her.
  10. if your going in the car Dave be prepared for the parking charge, last year it was £15 and theres no point trying to find anywhere cheaper as all the car parks around charge the same.
  11. get an Abba stand, much more stable and you can use it on other bikes as well.
  12. There were plenty of people telling him not to get an R1 and learn to ride on a more novice friendly bike like an SV 650 and it seems he might have taken the advice on board but hes going looking at a few bikes this weekend and said if hes offered a good deal on and R1/R6 he will take it. Ill let you know what happens.
  13. copy and pasted from another forum I use. To sumise the below for people who can't be bothered to read my dribble: can a neewbie ride an R1 I'm new to biking (motor at least) and would say I'm halfway sensible. I checked a few bikes out and read up on a few. I keep coming back around (or between) the fact that even though the R1's and R6's have the ability to kill me - so does the likes of a ER6 or an XJ6. So what makes the vast majority of posters say 'dont buy an R1 for your first bike'. I just don't get why buying a big litre bike and learning on it is such a massive problem. Of course if I was 19 I think my mindset would have been to get out and see if I could get near the top speed but these days sense and the good ole 'correction factor' is with me so I honestly feel somebody pulling out on me on a 60 or me grabbing some gravel on a corner can happen on any bike. My test ER6 bike will apparently get 0-60 3.5s while the R1 will do it in around 3 (I don't know how true this actually is). So why then does everybody say RIP, idiot etc when people talk about an R1 for a first bike. I understand that the top speed is a word apart and the power delivery may also be different as well the handling characteristics. I also know I wont even get close to the limits of an R6 never mind R1 so why choose an R1 then, well its the weight mainly, of the bikes I've rode I feel safer on the heavier faster bike. I'm old and somewhat wise and dont really intend to go more than 20mph over any speed limit. I want to have a nice big presence on the road. and I want to be able to ride to oulton park and run some track days to really understand how to ride. I think I'd like to pickup an early pre-binned R1 (got one to sell me??) because I'm bound to either bin or drop it at some point especially intending to commute and when on the road not really ride it for kicks, but save that for the track days and advanced riding course. Sure I'd be opening the bike up from time to time (and probably not like some of you guys open them up) and it's not like I'd be riding around trying to scream the proverbials off it so people said "wow look how 'cool' that guy is". I also dont give a hoot if I get the "yeh but he never revs it past 4k" responses either. I'm in this for the exhilaration & enjoyment of biking, and hopefully the excitement of track days - where when I do come sliding off I have a chance to break all my bones rather than be cut in half. (glass is definitively half empty since my tip towards 40)... So here's you chance - blast me if you think it's a crazy idea and give me your tales and words of wisdom, more importantly if you think it's something that can be done and survived I'd love to hear it. People are quick to share stories of woe but not so many good or success stories are shared - perhaps because there are none. Bit about me... The guy who's training me thinks I'm a decent rider (in his words better than 90 percent of the riders coming thru - not that means anything or even gives me any false confidence), I'm 6 foot 2. Longer than average arms and legs and weigh in at 14 stone. I look a complete wally on most motorbikes but it's well worth it. My gear is not leather but waterproof textiles so I'm not sure how that will slide down the road, but obviously I'm always wearing the right gear and am thinking of getting a bit more armor (not that it'll help in a meeting with a kerb). I've ridden mountain bikes all my life from downhill to cross country and commuted 15 miles round trip in a fairly busy inner city through my childhood and student days - I certainly have quite a few scary moments even today and always ride like I'm invisible - so far I've been extremely lucky I guess with never being knocked off or done anything to get me in a bad position. I'm always coming close to problems on busy roundabouts and this is probably why anything under a torque'y 600 for me is out. Let me know what you think. even run a vote - blast me or support me - my decision isn't made on my bike choice but the R1 is something I really think would be a decent choice for both fun and commutes (ok - so maybe not so much fun for my 20/30 minute commute) don't be too harsh - remember I didn't kick your cat just would like a bit more advice from some experienced riders...
  14. Think you might find theres a bit of difference between a K1300 and an S1000rr
  15. hmmmm 7 speed gearbox? think the sounds been dubbed in
  16. measure the distance between the pins, its probably going to be 5/8" then the width of the chain which will either be 2/8" 2.5/8" or 3/8" to make 520,525 or 530
  17. Ducati something or other . look at the engine,its an L twin (90 degree cylinders) not a V twin and the frames a steel trellis.
  18. some might not be able to see this. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=469778639811152 found it on youtube
  19. Castrol oil from Halfords is good but their own brand stuff is crap.
  20. not last year, I went a couple of years ago. 3 hours to get there and 15 minutes later I was on my way home.
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