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  1. If I had seen this earlier I could have met up with you Dave, I spend most of my time riding around Lincolnshire (been there today dodging showers) so I could have shown you some cracking roads away from the traffic.
  2. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport/sportresults/MotoGP/2013/August/aug0113-cal-signs-for-ducati/
  3. excellent, you can come and cut my grass....
  4. bladerunner

    new gloves

    been trying to decide wether to buy these or not for a few weeks, theyre summer gloves but with a Gore Tex waterproof and wind proof lining, perfect for the chilly days and aging fingers that tend to feel the cold a bit more these days,finally bit the bullet and ordered the, they arrived today so lets see how we get on with them.
  5. not much chance of losing that in a car park.
  6. well, todays update, riding along the A46 in Lincolnshire and something hit me on the arm so I pulled over and found the little air deflector that pops out of the chinpiece of my lid missing and the trim hanging off. went back to look for it but not a chance, bugger.... then had a bee hit me in the throat at about 85 mph, that gave me a shock. finally got home and decided to fit the new top fairing, took R&G bungs off to take side panel off and the left bolt felt really tight as I undid it, looked down the hole and its stripped the thread in the frame. marvellous. went out and got a piece of 12mm treaded rod and some nyloc nuts to get me by till I can sort it properly and ordered an M12 helicoil kit off ebay, good job I'm an engineer and do this kind of stuff all the time.
  7. well after all the stuff that's been going wrong this year I went in the garage today to swap the bikes around so I can get the Mrs's gixxer out tomorrow for its mot, came to move mine and found a nice big flat tyre. think i'll be glad when this years over and done with.
  8. word of advice from personal experience Dave, take the paddock stand bobbins out, if you do go down they will just rip the lugs off the swinging arm. Theyre not a strong enough weld to take any force other than the weight of the bike. Happened to me when I crashed a Blade about 11 years ago and I had to buy a new swinging arm (well off ebay but it wasn't cheap)
  9. and just after you've stopped to clean it.
  10. got a way to go before that happens.
  11. just a little reminder, Its a bit hot out there and its surprising how quickly dehydration can creep up on you. Trouble is by the time your getting thirsty its too late and it can affect your judgement and concentration so remember to drink plenty of water, its far better to have to stop for a wee more often than to end up in a ditch because your dehydrated
  12. been out all afternoon and I haven't crashed once
  13. good idea, I saw 42 degrees on my air temp gauge when I stopped at Gainsborough at about 4 this afternoon. averaging about 30-32 degrees when I'm moving. that's hot.
  14. Have you got anything up above that you can tie the bars to or two walls you could rest a scaffold pole across.
  15. well I finished early today because it was my bosses funeral (yes really) so I decided to make the best of it and go down to Northampton to pick up a headlight for the R1 that somebody on another forum found. arrived at the guys house at around 12 ish, don't know if anybody knows him but his names Pete Beale (not the taxi driver) he's been in the racing game since God were a lad. anyhow had a chat with him for half an hour, thoroughly nice bloke, and set off back. popped in to see me Mum when I got back then came home and got stuck into the bike, fairing off, new light into old cracked fairing, all back together, front mudguard on, footrest on, all I need now is to take the front wheel out and just check the spindle and bearings oh and a new top fairing and were as good as new. at least I'm back on the road though albeit with an old lid, have to claim on house insurance for a new one.
  16. apparently its a good job I did because the 2011 and 2012 are different. managed to find one out of a write off for £150. going to pick it up on Thursday from Northampton. the big thing now is the top fairing. need to find somebody locally who can plastic weld, paint and get cheap decals.
  17. just looked on flea bay and I can get a 2011 headlight genuine Yamaha from the USA for about £300, rip off Britain.
  18. Just the headlight alone. Nothing else. It retails at...... Are you sitting down. .... £906.
  19. Just priced a new headlight up for my bike. Might be able to get away with bodging it up but just thought I'd get a worst case price. Any guesses?
  20. On Saturday before I had my little "senior moment" I was in a petrol station buying a drink and a guy who had just filled his Harley up, stood in front of me in the queue and said to the quite posh sounding cashier "Fu***** he'll its Fu***** boiling out there. Might look Fu***** good in all this black leather but my Fu***** boll** are dripping with Fu***** sweat. " I just cringed and when he had left told the cashier we weren't togethe, apologised for him and said we're not all like that , while stood there in my power rangers suit.
  21. well its my turn today, riding past Waddington airfield today, head in the clouds and the car in front stopped,unfortunately I didn't and ran into the back of him, bent the fairing bracket, cracked the top fairing, maybe the headlight as well and the front mudguards cracked, arse.. oh and probably written off my Arai RX7 as well.
  22. Now that's interesting.... How are we to know what's in it?? I usually put a bit of 2 stroke in every other tank of diesel, I get a cheap bottle from B&Q and put about 1/4 bottle in.
  23. the last photo of the Greeves with the Villiers engine, I had one of them a long long time ago.
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