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  1. ok today, it doesn't happen every time just sometimes it logs me out, I'll let you know if it happens again.
  2. [quote="madsod" Ducati,s can cost a bit to look after , [/quote] tell me about it.
  3. thought saw toothing was due to knackered shocks, might be wrong though
  4. We can already use them in sheffield, there's some in Hull as well.
  5. Question for Dave really. Why do I have to keep logging I. Even though I tick the keep me logged in box?
  6. de-cat link pipe, flash tune the ecu and one tooth smaller front sprocket.
  7. this looks like it might be worth an hour of my time of a Monday night http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03fv7sl
  8. Free practice has been cancelled due to thick fog. The air ambulance can't fly and the nearest hospital is an hour away by road and tomorrow it's looking even worse. Suing now we might end up with the first ever one day event with qualifying and racing on Sunday.
  9. He's been passed fit to ride at Motegi this weekend. Still in with a chance.
  10. the double decker busses round here ride around with their headlights on because people didn't see them at junctions and pulled out in front of them, and theyre painted white,20 feet tall and 10 feet wide.
  11. I fitted one to my Mrs's Gixxer last year. It's a lot more visible now and she's had less idiots pulling out in her. As for plod we never had any problems. Only thing I would say is don't put one in the high beam as they take a couple of seconds to warm up so they're no good to flash or when you need an instant boost to the light. I intended to fit one on my Ducati but never got around to it. It's sat in the hall now cluttering the place up. What bulbs does your bike take?
  12. putting a new back tyre on mine this week, plenty of time left. I don't normally put mine away till the gritters have been out.
  13. I had an 07 fireblade for 4 years and didn't particularly like it, they're a bit on the heavy side, slow to turn, there's no power below about 8000 rpm and the brakes aren't up to much.
  14. For those who don't know Sean is still stranded in Dubai. The authorities have confiscated his passport and won't allow him to leave the country. There's a big campaign on Facebook to get him sent home and a petition to the government who don't seem to be interested. ( bet it would be a different story if it was David Rooney or Wayne Beckham) please sign the petition and pass it on to as many people as possible so we can get him back where he belongs. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/55031
  15. have a look at whats considered to be the best Blade ever made the 2002-2003 CBR 900RR2/3 with the 954 motor, I had one for 5 years and absolutely loved it and if you read up on it so do all the magazines. The only problem is a Honda problem and that's the rectifier they tend to go at around 25,000 miles but theyre not expensive now.
  16. seem to remember there was a little problem with the DRZ that might be worth looking into, they used to put a steel spacer behind the gearbox sprocket and as it corroded it destroyed the oil seal, easily sorted with a stainless replacement, unless they sorted it out at the factory.
  17. So what about going to a BSB round. Get the van on the back of the car and spend the weekend there. The last round at Brands in October is usually fantastic but there's Oulton next year in May we usually go to that's a good track.
  18. is that one of those new fangled lightweight Balsa wood wheels?
  19. I think its a common Honda problem, I had 2 reg/recs go on me both at around 25,000 miles. When they go they can go one of 2 ways either overcharge the battery or undercharge it, the first one undercharged and just ran the battery flat but the second one overcharged and fried the battery, left me stuck in the middle of nowhere with a smoking battery that looked like it was going to explode all over my electrics, that could have been expensive.
  20. Carbon, be warned though a mate of mine got some Delkevic downpipes for his CBR600 and it ran as rough as a bears ar5e till he put a power commander on and had it set up.
  21. forgot to say I got it from a German company called FC Moto, cant fault their customer service they kept me up to date with emails and did exactly as I asked them, I ordered it before I went on holiday and asked them not to mail it till the 18th, they emailed me on the 20th to say it was on its way and it turned up 4 days later.
  22. well its arrived, I ordered it before I went on holiday but asked them not to send it till the 18th at the earliest. got an email on the 20th to say it had been despatched and the "sorry you were out" card appeared on Tuesday the 24th,pretty good bearing in mind its come from Germany. so here it is.
  23. Won't be able to make this it clashes with the bike show at the NEC.
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