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  1. been looking into the cheapest way and I reckon this might be a solution than paying £15 a month https://secure.motogp.com/en/Subscribe?utm_source=motogp.com&utm_medium=player_undefined&utm_content=videos/2013/MotoGP Rewind Jerez 2013&utm_campaign=2013_FullSeason but I would like to know why its cheaper in France
  2. haven't missed this for years, even thought its not as good as it used to be, if your in the market for absolutely anything bike related it will be cheaper here than anywhere else http://www.thebmfshow.co.uk/the-shows/bmf-peterborough/
  3. just had a look on the bt and the fastest internet connection they can offer me is 1.5 mb . the only other option I've got is to get rid of my Virgin TiVo box, have sky installed and subscribe to it on there at £15 a month,so looks like that's definitely not going to happen.
  4. Well its true. It was announced this morning BT will have exclusive rights to show Moto 3 Moto 2 and Moto gp next year. From what's being said its going to cost either £15 or £12 per month unless your a BT Internet customer then it's free but you will have to have a sky box as its not going to be available to Virgin customers. That's me done with Moto gp then.
  5. Just googled it and it seems like its going to happen. Bt sport will be launched later this year on sky and virgin as a pay channel.
  6. Hope this is not true but I heard on twitter that BT have bought the sole rights to show Moto GP from 2014. They intend to broadcast it on sky and virgin but its not going to be free anymore.
  7. cant the site where we keep it closes at 6 and if we get caught in traffic out of Oulton we probably wont make it in time.
  8. so Im off to Oulton park this weekend and last week I registered with MCE insurance for their BSB experience programme, basically they offer things like pillion laps, pace car laps,grid walks amongst other stuff to MCE customers.so today the phone rings and I've been offered the chance to be on the grid for the start of the second BSB race on Monday afternoon.Thing is we have to leave the circuit just as the race starts to get the Caravan back to where we keep it before they close. BUGGER.
  9. I never ride on May day bank holiday weekend, I've written 3 bikes off in my life, all were X registration and they all happened over the May day weekend so I'm going to Oulton park for the BSB all weekend instead
  10. looks similar to the one I got theyre pretty good, keep the wind out and keep you nice and toasty
  11. I'm going to hang on a few weeks till the BMF show
  12. If you buy a cheap waterproof breathable pac a mac type jacket for about a fiver and cut the hood off its surprising how warm they are under your leathers. same principal as these http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/Product.do?method=view&n=2035&g=329975&p=329993&c=215&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Base&utm_campaign=Tops&gclid=CI3lvMbC1LYCFXIPtAodLh8AJg but a fraction of the cost. I got a pair of trousers from the BMF show for £5 and theyre pretty good. if you want insulation as well try one of these http://www.frank-thomas.co.uk/index.php/collection/anti-freeze-thermals/ant120-long-sleeve-top-black.html got one from the NEC for £20 a couple of years ago but its a bit snug under my leathers now till I lose a few more pounds.
  13. been down there a few times on the bike and in the car, eaten at your mates pub. Is the café Barnsdale,last time I stopped there they didn't have a toilet and I had to go for a walk in the woods.We used to stop at the big car park where all the boats are (cant remember its name) the old guy on the gate used to charge £1 for bikes but he passed away think it was last year and now its all pay and display,costs about £3 per bike.
  14. Just read in a magazine there's a possible problem with the gearbox sprocket nut on all thundercat 600 fazer some early R6 and FZ6 models. Apparently the sprocket retaining nut can come loose and do some serious damage to the gearbox output shaft. Yamaha have released a deeper nut with a bit more thread that cures the problem. Part number 90891-101124
  15. just changed the spark plugs,oil and filter on the Mrs's Gixxer 750 and would like to thank the f***wit who did it the last time especially for using loctite on the oil filter.Thanks, I had to drill a hole through it and hammer a 10mm diameter bar through to break the thread.bent a screwdriver and knackered me oil filter wrench getting it off.
  16. not exactly unmarked but very hard to tell at a glance,I saw a white Fireblade coming out of Matlock Bath today following a group of bikes down the A6,as said its white with green hi viz bits on it and a police sticker on the side.Heard about this before apparently they've taken to latching onto the back of a group of bikes and following them until they do something wrong then radio ahead for them to get stopped by a car so watch out.
  17. its a shame your not a bit nearer to Doncaster http://www.doncastermotorcycles.co.uk/services/special-offer-5/
  18. wont they email it to you then you can just pass it on straight away?
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