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  1. I travelled 160 miles to buy my Ducati, don't understand what the problem is, the whole point of having a bike is riding it and 51 miles barely even gets a bike properly warmed up. edited to say 160 miles each way.
  2. I was catching up on BSB/ world superbike a and Moto GP I missed while I was away.
  3. Sorry if this upsets a few people but I don't particularly like kids, never had any and don't want any. Really pees me off when other people's kids are screaming and shouting and running around being a right royal p.i.t.a. And we're all supposed to smile and think they're special. Sorry there's nothing worse than other people's kids.
  4. Found a wifi signal so just checking in. 33 degrees and not a cloud to be seen. Just had a beer sat at the pool and thinking about another. Decisions decisions. We're off to Fethiye tomorrow for the market and then look into doing some excursions, maybe a boat trip to Rhodes. Anyhow I'll raise a glass for you all and keep in touch when I find a signal.
  5. Off on holiday tomorrow. 2 weeks of no work and sunshine in Turkey. I'll bring you all a stick of rock back.
  6. Dave have a look at Bike world on Motors tv this week theyre reviewing alarmed disc locks. somewhere on here http://bikechannel.com/
  7. what about Squires they've got a campsite now. http://www.squires-cafe.co.uk/
  8. and this afternoon our local radio station played an Adam and the ants song, remember antmusic 1981 FFS
  9. Ralph Macchio who starred as The Karate Kid is now as old as Pat Morita was when he played Mr Miaggi in the same film.
  10. how about putting a link up then ,I want an icon variant might be cheaper in the good ol us. although I would like to try one on but no one sells em up norf. problem is if you get one from America it wont have the ec22-05 stamp on the back and its illegal to wear a helmet that doesn't have it, also the sizes for America are probably different, an XL over here might only be an L over there.
  11. been there. whereabouts are you staying?stalis that's where we stayed. Blackpool in the sun. there used to be a decent irish pub up at the top end (opposite end to Malia), some "traditional eateries" as well, king, pizza hut, subway. the 80s bar in Malias good for a night out but the beers expensive.
  12. been there. whereabouts are you staying?
  13. hardly likely to get someone bringing one back because it didn't work are you http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-23768203
  14. bladerunner

    New lid

    been looking for a new lid seeing as my last one head butted a merc. Unfortunately the only one that fits my melon size mutated head is the most expensive one you can get (typical) so I've been looking online for a new Arai RX7. Found somewhere that's selling plain colours for £460 then I found an American site selling the same lid in the same colour ( or should that be color) for $409 which works out at £265. Talk about rip off Britain.
  15. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/08/16/topless-russian-women-breasts-speeding-drivers-nsfw-video_n_3766356.html
  16. Fantastic news for me and any other Virgin media customers who have the XL tv package http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23709325 its already broadcasting on channels 547/548 for SD and 549/550 for HD and ESPN is also on channels 529/530 for SD/HD
  17. According to MCN today it's going to cost £25 to park a car at Silverstone for the Moto GP weekend. £10 for Saturday and £15 for Sunday. A Silverstone spokesman said the charge will "proactively manage traffic volumes and get everyone in and out easier" what he really means in English is we found another way to screw the paying punters out of every last penny and stop most people being able to afford to go so the roads stay clear for him and his Bentley.
  18. How does £35 plus postage sound. Don't know how much it will cost as its pretty heavy. I'll weigh it when I get home and give you some idea of how much.
  19. ok try this one. Marwood house 98 galgate barnard castle dl12 8bj 01833637493 secure parking gym and sauna walking distance to city center. or low cornriggs farmhouse cowshill in weardale bishop aukland dl13 1aq 01388537600 or quality hotel scotch corner darlington dl10 6nr 01748825417 or clow beck house monkend farm croft on teesdarlington dl2 2sw 01325720419 if these are no good ill dig some more out.
  20. ok I got my book, whereabouts do you want to stop Dave
  21. I've got a book at home that lists all the B+Bs that welcomes bikers. If nobody comes up with anything before tonight let me know roughly where you want to stop and I'll get you some phone numbers.
  22. I've got a Givi top plate and fitting kit somewhere to fit the 12.
  23. if I were you I would bin it and get a new one ASAP, if the tread comes off at speed it could get a bit messy.
  24. that looks like its de laminating to me, I would take it back to where you got it from they might replace it and send it back to the manufacturer just a thought is it a bubble or is it wear?
  25. The summers over according to the BBC weather this morning in twitter they used THAT word for the first time this year, Autumnal.
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