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  1. did you report an accident to them even though you didn't make a claim?
  2. you can come and do mine if you like it that much
  3. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/on-this-day-mike-hailwood-killed-in-car-crash-140435227.html#WUOKbUD
  4. been snowing here for about 29 or 30 hours constantly and its forcast to carry on for at least another 5 or 6.weve got about 8 inches now.
  5. right puncture sorted, and now its going to snow for a week.
  6. just got the bike out to give it a wash after my first ride on it last saturday an I've got a flat back tyre.dont know wether to fix it or get a new one, theres probably about 1500 miles left in it but theres some cracking deals going on pairs of Michelin Pilot Powers.
  7. the Thundersport circus rolls into Donnington over the Easter weekend, theres usually some cracking racing and its non stop action all day http://www.thundersportgb.com/ usually not too expensive to get in either
  8. whooppee council tax bill landed on the doormat today,£1200 to have my bin emptied
  9. good to see it got there in one piece.
  10. thanks guys had a steady day,took a day off work and had a run out to CMC at Clay Cross for a look round.
  11. a free day out at Mabelthorpe this saturday,not a massive show but it should kill an hour or so http://www.mablethorpe-motorcycle-festival.info/ then on Sunday its the last round of the sand racing season http://xtreme-action-images.com/sandrace/index.html all free to watch.
  12. well I,ve got a 1/4,3/8 and 1/2 inch ratchets,and a hex holder thing BUT not all in the same tool so I want one,
  13. http://www.nxgn-ltd.com/ezweblite/public/styles/hunts_motorcycles/viewbike.asp?SP_ID=2270638&BRA_ID=4782#
  14. hope you have more luck than all those who made the journey to Brands for todays test,cancelled due to snow.
  15. well chuffed, just wish i could get out on it.
  16. afraid theyre all the same,if you report an accident then untill you win the case they assume its a fault claim so strip your ncb,it happened to me about 10 years ago someone on another bike lost it in a corner and knocked me off then said it was my fault for being where he wanted to crash so the insurance company stripped me of my ncb till it was sorted.
  17. off to get the new bike today,and its snowing.good job I've got a trailer and dont have to ride it back.pics to follow.
  18. had an idea and just thought I would run it past you guys see what you think.Over the years I've managed to accumulate all sorts of bike gear and bits and pieces that are no longer used and are just cluttering the garage shed and everywhere up so I thought why not clear them out and at the same time raise some money for the running of the forum so heres the idea,either have another section in the forum or a sub section in the for sale section where people can offer items to other members who will pay for them through the site paypal donate button and the money can go to the running of the forum.for example I just contacted another member with a hugger I've had kicking around for years and am sending it next week,I pay the postage on this end and the other member donates the same amount to the site.win win situation,I get a bit of space to fill with more clutter,the other member gets something they want and the forum gets some cash.
  19. wouldnt it have been a lot easier to just buy a kit from these, the tank kits £39.99 http://www.autoshield-protection.co.uk/motorbikekits.aspx
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