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  1. Draw on this one is 55-70 pounds with a letoff of 80%
  2. Personally I prefer to do it the hard way:)
  3. Humm. Has this got something to do about towing??? Possibly the van behind the King
  4. How far can you get I managed 4.1M thus far http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html
  5. RIP Marco Warning video is quite graphic but I feel needs to be aired. Please all ride safe. http://www.flockee.com/motorbikes/youtube-video-of-marco-simoncellis-crash-motogp-sepang/
  6. Dude remember to watch what tyres you have fitted. With that, I presume is a 160 rear tyre?? It will stick to the road like dried shit to a blanket. The issue is the frames back then are no way as stiff as they are today, hence the skinny tyres. You raz into a corner the bike will stick to the road but the frame may well melt.
  7. National farmers union mutual
  8. I would check the cost of a van through the NFU
  9. Check what type of high tension ignition system you have got. Each cylinder may have its own coil one of those may be failing. Had this happen on my volvo.
  10. How can you say that its a KA Chad how much was the insurance on that?? My son passed his test last Thursday & I have him insured on a diesel van through the NFU for 700. Vans are group 8 the cheapest you can get for young drivers.
  11. darkember


    Hi there dave & welcome
  12. Nice day out to wrap things up for another year . Luke & I experienced the antics of several prats on the way back between Tintern & Monmouth trying to make their fat wheeled harleys perform like sports bikes. Bar the latter a good day was had & glad all got home safely
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