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  1. Welldone buddy now the trick is to keep it
  2. Ok 7:30 leaving your place therefore you should be getting to Monmouth at around 8:15. I'll be at that roundabout which is before the lights to turn to Tintern. See you then
  3. Stue what time are you leaving Leominster & will you be dropping down into Monmouth from the Ross direction? If so I can be waiting at the roundabout before the tunnels.
  4. I bet that is one scary bike to ride especially if u accidently give it some.
  5. Would'nt like to try & weave through traffic with those pipes. Also not sure on the thinking behind the outrigger lighting system
  6. You nesh poof Dave no way cold enough yet
  7. They should be doing that to all the pikeys who also drive without papers
  8. I had a Z750 fuel injected & used Stabil. It was fine over the winter & started first turn over in the spring
  9. Ahh the Japs quickly realised the English stuff was crap so went on to build their own designs
  10. Love the dome piss pots they used back then. Probably as good as wearing a saucepan
  11. Chains all the way. They are most responsive to throttle inputs. Has anybody heard of a competative race bike using anything but a chain drive??
  12. This is something i would recommend putting into all you internal combustion engines. Since adding to my bike it has smoothed out my cluncky gear box which is synonomous with the VTR. Will be adding it to my cars shortly. http://www.simplan.co.uk/
  13. Nice machine but as said, the arse needs attention.
  14. It's a bargain but i would only be using it as a hack & spending as little as possible on it. To me they look pig ugly. Dave you could have had 16 of them in your garage as 1 dies out comes another
  15. Did u read the post I placed earlier what u are proposing is for older machines when the honeing was less accurate. today machining is far superior.
  16. Stuff the idea of being a air traffic controller
  17. Ok Dave I'm going to throw a spanner into the works. Look & digest the following website makes for an interesting argument. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm This dude is making alot of sense & if I were you would adopt the above method. Remember if anything breaks you have a full replacement warrantee to fall back on. I just wish i had a new machine to try it out on
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