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  1. Darn cannot make this one got a wedding that weekend up in North Yorkshire & will be travelling back on the Sunday May be the weather will be pants so it can be posponed till the following weekend, Hoping
  2. Pity ur doing it on Monday would have liked to meet at Stues as well, but have to take the missus to Cardiff crown court. No trouble but she is a witness in a case about child abuse.
  3. Hi there Stev & welcome
  4. Defo Gumtree sold the Bandit through them
  5. Cool toy used to race 100cc version up to 110 mph. Problem with that one is he will never be able to use all the power due to wheelspin.
  6. Is your machine a standard TL. IE: just got the ECU & standard fuel injection system or has a power commander been fitted?? If you have the latter it could mean your fuel mapping has corruped. It will need to go to the dyno to be remapped
  7. Hey Chad have you ridden the SV in anger yet. Once you have done it up take it out & ring the nuts off it befor u flog it. They handle sweet & are really agile and make great track day bikes.
  8. I wear then under the lid. Only real pain is getting them on after the balaclava is on. Best off getting the thinnist frames as possible. Or have lazer surgery
  9. darkember


    07931 568169
  10. HEHE your start to the VTwin era:) Just wait the 1000 is waiting:)
  11. Had my Volvo done the other day & it cost me 250:)
  12. darkember


    50's great fun you can view the scenary as u ride:) welcome
  13. and how fast can it run At full draw 31 inches at 70 pounds it can achieve 320 fps. However been a short arse my draw length is only 26 inches so would realistically only reach 300 - 305 at 70 pounds. Still ample fast enough.
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