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  1. Gazman

    long time no see.

    Cheers for the warm welcome back guys. Thought you might like to see one of my recent distractions. It's dry inside and it's got a heater and you don't have to wear leathers, although I do of course. Gaz
  2. Hi guys, Dave, Stu etc. Been away from the forum for a long time now, about a year or so. Hope you are all well, Stu, you look like you've been working out even more than before, judging by your photo, Dave, Hope the B king's going well. Anyway, not used the bike much in the past year, don't ride in the cold and wet and have been busy with a house move and now with an extension on its way in the new year. Got my hands on a new toy earlier this year, which I can use on more occasions and have started a journal on this site z3mcoupe forum The B6 is still looking good but I'm hoping to get a mk1 B12 for next summer, going to keep an eye open on here to see if I can source one at a good price. Gazman
  3. Back up for sale, been in storage for 7/ 8 months. Very nice condition,full resoration last summer, only 900 miles since,needs a couple of very small jobs to be perfect, very very clean and very nice all round. Take a look at the build thread and contact me on 07917223278 if you are interested, offers around £1350.00. Gaz /t2514-new-project-really-old-bandit
  4. I'm in two minds but have decided to put my B6 up for sale again. Anyone interested, give me a call 07917223278 Gaz Here's the thread /t2514-new-project-really-old-bandit Would consider a B12 or even a GSXR 750 or 1100 or early blade, for restoration, PX, swap, cash. Let me know
  5. Saw this in the cinema in 3d, brilliant film, funny, entertaining and breathtaking cinematography, especially the super slow motion HD fire ball clip. Is on Sky box office at the moment as well.
  6. Just got mine, Cheers Chad, looks really good mate, hu hum particularly February. . Gaz
  7. Cheers dick. Oh yeh, just noticed, happy 1st anniversary mate. Gaz
  8. Not saying it's the best, just the only one I got.
  9. Still available, PM me or ring 07917223278 for details. Gaz
  10. Nice one josh, glad your pleased with the new machine. Get some pics up mate so we can have a nose. Gaz
  11. Really like the look of that Josh, Looks very cool in white. Good luck mate and go steady. Gaz.
  12. Thought you might, I used to go to club circuit meets with him 30 years ago, I even got to ride his GT750 at silverstone once, before he moved to IOM, he lives for bikes.
  13. Very nice bike mate. I have an old mate lives on the island, Dave Madsen Mygdal, don't know of him do you? he does a lot of classic bike racing, his dad raced there in the 50's and he's got a couple of sons who now race bikes. Gaz
  14. To all concerned. I love this bike, it turned out exactly how I wanted but I really fancy a B12 for next year and to be honest I miss the refurbishing process, that was even better than the finished result or riding for me. Anyway it's close to Christmas, getting colder and may be the wrong time to sell. It's now being stored in my mums garage a couple of miles away, because I don't have a garage to keep it in here, figured it would not hurt to offer it for sale now rather than next spring, we'll see but rest assured I will be back on here with a B12 for next year and I've got some really good ideas for the proposed build. Cheers boys. Gaz
  15. Recently fully refurbished B6 for sale. No expense spared in the refurb, take a look at the thread below for all info. PM me for price etc, would consider PX for B12 in any condition /t2514-new-project-really-old-bandit
  16. Hi Andy, There's a few members on here building cafe racers, a couple of Honda's as well, myself included. Mines on hold at the moment but happy to help if I can with advice, as will all the other members. Good luck. Gaz
  17. Gazman


    welcome Jane, Gaz (also Oxfordshire)
  18. Yeah they were cut off as excess weight but now thinking it may of been a better option to leave them on. I'm thinking of mounting the pegs just where the bottom of the loop for the rear pegs was (if that makes sence) Yeh, know where you mean. That would probably be a good position, as mine are about as high as you would comfortably want them and that would be just slightly lower. Gaz
  19. Got mine mounted on the rear foot peg mounts. Seems fine to me but may be slightly too high if you're taller than 6 foot, worth a try though. Gaz Just noticed your rear foot peg mounts are missing, ignore the previous.
  20. [quote="Stue11"]Shes a gooden mate, what you after next Josh [/quote Maybe something a bit quicker, in a build up area. Only joking mate, what are you after next? Gaz
  21. Dave, I too run my own business and it has taken years to get a large enough float to cover all outstanding outlay. With many of our projects spanning months, more than a year for some, it has been the single most difficult thing to do, particularly through the recession. Only a handful of our clients pay up quickly, most are 30 to 60 days from invoice date, a few need to be chased after that and a couple need a bit more persuasion. I don't get it either mate, you can't go to PC world or Argos, walk out with thousands of pounds worth of kit and tell them to go to the trouble of sending you an invoice, then wait 60+ days before they send you a reminder. It's wrong but unfortunately it's the way it is. On the other hand though, we pay all of our bills within a few days of receiving them and are well known for it, I prefer to be like that, I just wish everyone else did. As far as payment terms are concerned, it probably won't make any difference to the late payers. I do however start all invoices with "Payment is now due", doesn't speed any of them up though. Gaz
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