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Everything posted by mart13

  1. can you get eurosport on freeview ?
  2. i'd bin the tank , seat unit and mudguard , then start again
  3. if you had to have one bike for the rest of your life what would you choose ? mine would be a gsxr 750 slingy fighter
  4. is the cable fitted properly , everything adjusted right and have you got decent exhaust gaskets fitted ?
  5. that looks better , how strict are the laws on modification ?
  6. paints fine but that huge exhaust is an eyesore
  7. atleast tom sykes is still ok
  8. zeds are cracking bikes , always wanted a z1300 but never had a silly amount of cash spare
  9. mart13

    XS 650

    normally i'd be the first one to suggest modding a bike but ..... thats too nice , i'd leave it alone
  10. nice , high price considering its an import with no v5
  11. lemon and sugar or maple syrup and bacon
  12. thank god superbikes start this weekend , i was getting bad withdrawl symptons
  13. done , but i hope i'll never use them
  14. suzi for me , but i've had jap bikes and couple of old brits and to be honest i really dont care aslong as it has 2 wheels , even a mz can be fun
  15. bloody nice bike for not alot of money
  16. a mates got a thunderarse , great bike but bad on clutchs till he did the yzf conversion , since then its been fine
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