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Everything posted by niukuriu

  1. playing right now! I love the idea that we can design on our own!
  2. I love those items! It feels warm and relaxing (colors)... But one thing I don't like is: why those items are in PF cash--- those mon cherie series!!! they could make some secret rooms in coins--- I hope so!
  3. my pet's wig and maybe currently an effect potion? I love those effect potions I hope Playfish will create more of them next week! :pinkjello:
  4. I name my pet after the word "clover" but clover is too general I think, so I changed it a little
  5. for me it's good night!
  6. me too! am I doing something wrong?? or not?
  7. cool! this topic is always so cool and funny!
  8. yes, I loove avatar! and Glee too! I just love series... and I also like: NCIS Criminal Minds Flash Forward (and that kind of series ) oh.... now I think I'm weird now
  9. wow! that will be great! can't wait either
  10. no. it would change into a corsage and you will have the pots missing
  11. Pet name: Koroferuru Favorite color: baby blue Picture:
  12. Pet's name: Koroferuru Favorite color: baby blue and white Picture: I finally have time to enter my favorite comp. just love this comp.
  13. there's no official info? I'm confused this days---- this week suppose to be a great Japanese week, but now I think 25k is pretty reasonable to me , but IDK for those who trade a lot.
  14. me too. I hate being in this kind of situation even though I only played for 2 months. It seems like I want to quit! I heard that they limit the coins we earn in the TOF--- 7x3333---- I don't earn that many coins though....but IDK if it's true or not
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