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  1. Not the biggest fan of this week thought I love the wig. The plushies are both cute. FINALLY found the Gretel plush. Not just one, TWO! In a row! And just cus I had some extra shovels left to use up! I sent the spare to my friend that was having the same issues I was with finding it. NOW I can finally focus on other things besides digging.
  2. I don't even know if I should attempt to dig with my coins today. I'm a little sick of digging for nothing at this point. Has ANYONE found it yet?
  3. Only things I am really liking here are the bears and the wig. Not a fan of the rest. I have been digging like mad and I can't find the bear! This is the hardest weekly dig to find yet for me >.< Well I guess I like that Summer Garden as well but I bet it'll be cc ;-;
  4. Just when I get my pet's bedroom looking how I like, that bed comes out and I am in love with it >.< I will need to make a second bedroom. I really love this week here! The dresses, the bed furniture, and especially the paintings. I like them and their options much better then the evolving sandcastles from a few weeks ago.
  5. The fan is the new dig, the raccoon is sadly gone. I always forget that they change the dig BEFORE the new items come out. I think a lot of people do. I LOVE the fan though. Very much my pet's style. I really like the pink cushion in the gold box. Now I have to go back to buying box after box again >.<
  6. I spent all my gold today getting the weekly item and then once I had it I moved to fairy land cus I did not have the wings yet and one literally my LAST dig on a piece of ground that I clicked by accident... I got the wings at LAST. I was able to sell some fruit from the trees in my yard and got the one item I like the best, the bracelet. I'll start digging for the rest tomorrow. I really like these. Not AS much as the fairy themed ones but happy I didn't have to build another balloon to get them.
  7. Once upon a time I was really into Manga. Not so much anymore. -Magic Knight Rayearth -Dramacon -Princess Ai -Fruits Basket They were the loves of my life about 3 or 4 years ago.
  8. I highly doubt it'll be another adventure if there is one. J.K. SWORE that while she would consider writing about Hogwarts in the future but that it would not be about Harry Potter. Perhaps she would write a prequel? About when like Tom Riddle was in school or his parents. We have gotten little hints about those things but never the full story.
  9. I agree on the raccoon. That is super cute. It's weird, this is the first week I didn't dig him up on my first try since the digging started. No Joke, last few weeks, one shoot BAM weekly item! Hehe. And the doll house.... I JUST finished begging people to help me with my balloon. Time to beg some more >.<
  10. You know... I have not tried the doll house eggs yet but... wow they are cute! I might start collecting them now to. I try and mix up the things I get every day. Now that I got all the gold box items I was really after I have been getting like one egg of this and one egg of that so complete some of my other sets. Missing two of those silly dwarfs in the Snow White eggs >.< Really cute! How much are they? Are they the 350 or the 600 price?
  11. I am constantly changing my pet's outfit cus I just love so many different things. If I had to pick my favorite item of clothing though.... oh man tough call. I have one, but I have not been able to make a really good outfit around it... the sleepy cat hat. It's so cute!
  12. This is one of my FAVORITE kind of quiz to do! I always take the chance to do it. 1. How are you feeling today? "Love Story" - Taylor Swift 2. Will you get far in life? "Turn the Beat Around" - Gloria Estefan 3. How do your friends see you? "Le Vie Boheme" - Rent (That's... kinda perfect) 4. Will you get married? "Positive" - Legally Blonde: The Musical 5. What is your best friend's theme song? "Senstive Song" - Cops: The Musical (Oh.... my word. Hilarious song, but my friend is apparently a drunk redneck pervert) 6. What is the story of your life? "Mon Essentiel" - Emmanuel Moire (Awww! So romantic! I agree!) 7. What was high school like? "Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!" - Abba 8. How can you get ahead in life? "Something There" - Beauty and the Beast 9. What is the best thing about your friends? "No Air" - Glee Cast version 10. Describe your grandparents? "Control" - Janet Jackson 11. How is your life going? "Papa Don't Preach" - Madonna 12. What song will they play at your funeral? "Brave Sir Robin" - Spamalot ( >.< ) 13. How does the world see you? "Game of Love" - Michelle Branch and Santana 14. Will you have a happy life? "Don't Turn Around" - Ace of Base 15. What do your friends really think of you? "Our Last Summer" - Abba (I like this one... cus I have not seen the best of my friends SINCE last summer) 16. How can I make myself happy? "The Way" - Clay Aiken 17. What should you do with your life? "He Lives in You" - The Lion King Musical 18. What does your mom think of you? "White and Nerdy" - Weird Al 19. What is your deep dark secret? "Ghostbusters" - Parker Ray Jr. 20. What is your mortal enemy's theme song? "Crazy For You" - Madonna (Wow... my mortal enemy seems to be a softy) 21. What's your personality like? "How Do I Feel" - Hoku 22. Which song will be played at your wedding? "Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers 23. What are your aspirations? "Words Get in the Way" - Gloria Estefan 24. What goes through your head when you wake up? "All That's Know" - Spring Awakening 25. What goes through your head when you go to sleep? "Weasel Stomping Day" - Weird Al (Ah yes. Best for last)
  13. I have a love/hate relationship with Glee right now. I was so excited after the pilot episode and was pumped to watch the premiere episode only to kinda totally let down by it. I stopped watching cus I am a Lost fan and it was on at the same time. I ended up catching the last few episodes this season (after the Lost finale) and they were okay. I'm going back now to watch the re-runs of it. It's okay a show but... I LOVE the music. I have all the soundtracks thus far. I give the show huge props for basically putting on a weekly musical and actually having fans that worship it. I hope they give Matt Morrison more song and dance though cus he is WAY more talented then he has had the chance to show off from what I can tell thus far. Look up his performance from the Tony Awards this year. AMAZing
  14. I am so excited for the new movies but I saw the trailer tonight and it is a complete TEASE. They show you footage of the final battle which you will not get to actually see still for over a full YEAR from now ;-; As for Wizarding World of Harry Potter... I'm going in a few months. My friend promised me tickets for Universal the next time I come down for a visit. I'm PUMPED to get to go. A lot of my Disney friends have gotten to go so far (some got to go to the soft opening back in like May) and I am just totally jealous of all the pictures I see on facebook from it. The ride, "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey," looks OUTRAGEOUSLY AMAZING. A blend of all the best rides from Epcot and Universal rolled into one ride.
  15. Hello there. Long time player of the game. First time member here on the forum. It's hard to find friends nowadays that still likes Pet Society as much as I do. When I first joined, allll my friends loved it and played it all the time. Now though... it's just me and my friend Ashely really. So, I decided it was about time I come and make some new friends. Myself and my little pet Angel are lonely. Hope to be liked and make some new friends around here.
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