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  1. can i have black duck plushie and pink rabbit plushie? thanks :rudlof1:
  2. Sory for being out of topic, but my friend said that next week theme was published since tuesday,,but where is the spoiler now? I thought it's placed under this spoiler, like the steampunk theme was..
  3. Finally..the stadium has a new thing
  4. Gold wings accepted..thank's hun Is F12 a tree seed, hun? thnks
  5. [quote="Gaiamaiden"] yes its still available hun, you can send when your ready xx Thank's Hun,, I'll send it Immediately
  6. I already try it..and that's true, it's faster I was really enjoyed to send mystery boxes to my friends this morning..
  7. Oh...I missed the cups hope it will revealed in lost treasures digging
  8. My first was blue, and also my second and third
  9. You are lucky,, the second time I got the gem, it's a duplicate, and also the third I think i should claim gem from different friends to get different gem, like what my friend said. It works on her..
  10. I really excited with new lottery prizes.. finally ican have a CC item I got a fishbait this morning
  11. hehehe..i saw some pink poo in my friends house lately..looks like it's a happening stuff now..
  12. I can't found any PECKING CHICK till now,, I want it so much,, can someone give it to me? Please make the price offers..
  13. I think Lin Yao wore the Queen of Hearts Crown with the Ballerina Dress and the Hermes Winged Sandals She must be looked elegantly cute that night
  14. can i have #29 please? please accept my f/r and i'll send you the GMB
  15. Aliza

    999 wish list

    Dear all,, I wish for a cute ghost toy. I have a: snow white floor cute pink spider plushie spooky halloween graveyard wallpaper spooky halloween graveyard floor
  16. Hi Kasi. Can I have Mud Mask and Panda Mask Please? Thank's
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