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Everything posted by acopy

  1. tuka dengan blimp boleh ?
  2. langit garis tu tanak jual ke ? hehehe
  3. keep it nicely... danny ocean and friends are on their way ~
  4. i'm playing snake on my nokia 3310.
  5. i think i shall congratz to you when you not find any green.
  6. acopy

    evo color shifter

    c4 midvalley got the dodge charge police car..
  7. acopy

    evo color shifter

    the color blaster is awesome... but the price
  8. king midas... hotwheel version.
  9. superb... the ice cream truck looks tempting.
  10. measuring the weight using my hand.. so far the vw fastback is the heaviest in my collection..
  11. we need to setup a date and venue... i suggest next friday around 6 pm @ mamak stall infront seremban parade (parkson).
  12. i love removing the price tag from the card...
  13. congrazt, thats a great haul...
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