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  2. 2 years ago... well I'm too old for halloween but I like it I dress as..... a pink fairy with glitters. Also wears a "donut" crown. Huh. I feel really childish and.... well, emberassed.
  3. In christmas, I usually eat/drink something warm, like hot chocolate Also, Roti Bakar Coklat Keju (Roast Toast with chocolate and cheese) Crunchy, also sweet and creamy
  4. Aww... you don't have to feel bad about it. Your parents do that because they love you... they are worried if something happened to you... maybe... try giving postcards or flowers, or sometimes visit your parent's house to make cupcakes or cookies, try make the situation "happy and lovable"
  5. I'm really sorry for that! I just hope no one gets hurt because of the fire! It really makes you sad, one of your memories is now gone, but that's okay. maybe a hug from the HUGGY teddy bear may help?
  6. OMG OMG that was so... horrible! Good thing you have a refund. Oh, now I'm really afraid that can happen to my family. OH NO! Thanks for the reminder!
  7. Here's a list what I need Cream Milk Beef Chocolate Almond Hazelnut Water Dr Pepper
  8. Welcome to PSFC The nicest and the most fun forum ever in history! Feel free to chat, have fun and join the contests, As long as you obey the rules, you are welcomed here!!
  9. My favorite part of halloween... maybe I'm too old to do trick o treating.... Probably I give candies, or sometimes when I get bored I dress up and ask for candy LOL I feel really childish! Of course, I can hear many spooky stories, watch scary movies, or just.. wait till new items come in pet Society!
  10. Well, maybe it's not in season anymore, but I still like it, IT'S..... *Drumroll* SAMINA MINA, E E, WAKA WAKA E E..... :pleasantry:
  11. maltese

    FB is a Snail

    5 minutes? Well, mine could take 15 mins +++++
  12. maltese

    New Game in Town

    Checking it out...
  13. maltese

    Ninja bear!

    Awwwww the bear is just cute And fuzzy....
  14. elevator! I'm afraid of going into the elevator But i'm comfortable with escalator...
  15. just the elevator, because I'm afraid i'm going to be squished again..
  16. This is how my phobia started I went to a hotel with my parents and it's our first night staying there, so we want to take the elevator up there.... Everyone entered the elevator and i'm the last when I step in my body is just trapped.... squishing me... II = elevator door, 0 = me he condition: >>II0II
  17. Looks like Ames is a really famous and warm person. I'm kinda new here so I don't really now the trend... Could anybody tell me what kind of a person Ames is? Hugs and kisses for her.
  18. Happy Birthday Lea! Hugs and Kisses from me and Chopin Giving presents.... placing the cake and......
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