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  1. Hello sister in Christ...what an appropriate name
  2. I've been great. Some interesting things have happened in my life that has drawn me even closer to God and He had shown me just how much he loves me. I won't dump it on you all at once...just as I go along
  3. Hi All! It's been so long since I've logged on. How's everyone doing? The website looks NICE.
  4. These are just my thoughts, not a prophetic word. Maybe God is calling you into ministry.
  5. Great thought Dreamster! The enemy is good at distractions. I agree C, stay the course.
  6. You have given him Godly counsel, you have prayed and interceeded on his behalf. As hard as it may be I would have to leave it alone and trust that God heard my prayers and that he would be covered under God protection. Not an easy task but it seems to be the only option at this point.
  7. Thanks! Night vision sound awesome! How does it work? Are seeing things in your mind like a daydream?
  8. Has anyone ever had an experience where they had dreams and woke up with the interpretation? I'm going throught that right now and it's really strange (in an exciting kind of way).
  9. Daph you are a hoot! I do get what you're saying though.
  10. It helps a WHOLE LOT! Thanks Cholette
  11. Do you ever get to a point that you have a hard time believing your dreams? If so, what do you do to overcome it?
  12. Pray and ask God to give you wisdom and He will! Also, talk to the instructor and see what he expectations are. Alot of times, talking to the instructor (for me, at least) made a ton of difference. It lets them know that you are serious and when they know that it seems like they pay alittle more attention to ya.
  14. Thanks guys! I wrote this after having communications with someone on here that was in dire need of ministering and I almost missed it while I was looking for my "answers". So I wasn't judging anyone, I was speaking to myself as well... I love this site and consider you all my family
  15. Thanks for that description of the deers. For those like me who grew up in the city, it really gives me alot of revelation of that scripture. God bless you
  16. Amen Deborah! That was WELL put!
  17. Please be encouraged to continue to pray for you family, even when it seems that nothing is changing. I'm here anytime you want to talk. Just PM me.
  18. Hi Wings, I'm praying for you and your family. I too grew up with a drug addict and I put alot of distance between us as well so I truly understand what you're going through. What I've learned over the years is that my words are falling on deaf ears so I pray that the Lord heals her, deliver her from the addiction and send the perfect labor to minister the Word to her. I may not be the one who could "reach" her but praying that God sends the right person to minister the right Word gives me confidence in believing she'll be healed! It is a tough situation and it's heartwrenching! I'm truly praying for you!
  19. Healing is yours Linda, In the name of Jesus!
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