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  1. come race against Zimbabwe youth A N G E L
  2. Welcome Kara to you and your Pet FuzzyBug
  3. Hi I am Angela I play Pet Society on Facebook, I am looking for friends who love to play the game. If you love it as much as I do Please add me
  4. I have that gold credit card thing and 400 friends and I can't even do one level a day let alone 7 or 8 levels and I do use cc I am only level 46. the earlier levels went fast but after 25 -26 it takes more points per level
  5. I received this message on facebook, it is crazy like a professional would misspell all these words and use a little smile after every sentence wow people will try anything to rip you off. first off if she knows I am a loyal player why does she need to verify the account 2nd of all if playfish people can send say pink birthday kitty right to us then you do not need a e mail or password to send Playfish dollars either this person was dumber than dumb. just please be careful even friends I had from day one try to scam when desperate. August 16 at 5:52am hi! im Kristian Segerstrale the vice president of playfish if yuo dont believe google my name in the net ok, so our company observed that you are very good especially you are a loyal pet soceity gamer. In return we would like to award you with 10000 playfish cash we need your email and password to verify your playing pet society just send it to my account then post "done on your wall" thank you we hope to get feedback right away this is for free playfish inc.
  6. I want the chocolate fountain I open so many mystery boxes and no chocolate fountain . OMG
  7. I had tried all that looked fun or friends were playing but now I realized I was not leveling up much in any of them so I cut a lot of stuff out Pet Society will always be #1 priority in my game world
  8. I really want friends that play on Pet Society and looking to have fun. I keep getting friend request of people who sell, trade, don't play or asking you to buy them stuff please add me if you want a great Pet Society Friend. Thank you Angela / Joker
  9. wow I never even thought about doing it. but food I cooked is up there 2/99 Giant hotdog 6/99 pinapple fried rice 14/99 mega pancakes 16/99 orange cupcake 28/99 vegetable soup 13/99 of color flower seed bloomed
  10. the picture pets with flies is like every other friend of mine on PS I don't relly mind anymore because I clean them and make money so if you let your pet have fleas I will get rich.
  11. Egypt only cause I actully got a few good Items the others I don't do so good in.
  12. Hi I am new on here alot of my friends stopped playing when i accept new people they are not players, they are either selling , trading , or scamming people I want people who play the game and love it. i hope to meet new people here that want to be part of my Pet Society. Angela
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