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  1. rg ko telah buktikan hot rod ko adalah straight keke cabutz!
  2. where the evo x maisto goes too
  3. so what ? proton sucks no lah, just joking. a superb news !
  4. hey hey cheers it's just a joke la. if we take things too seriously, life will be boring ^^ sometimes i don't mind being a joker as long people are happy
  5. PM me if you want white base decal paper
  6. thanks everyone glad you all like it because you all manyak hamsap
  7. yesterday great talking session with zoom, shakz and ucb...... btw: ucb is gay
  8. Argh......always inspired by Itasha cars. Means that the cars are decorated using graphics from anime. Usually lots of cute girls on Japanese Hot Rides. Here are my own version, two for the S2000, 1 for the 510 and lastly one for the 370z(In the spoiler because it's a Maisto)... Sample: Hello Pretty Girls, free for a photography session? Okay ! Here we go! I am shy $##$@ Already so old, want shy what ! Come and take photo. Come 370z! Spoiler: White base right? But doesn't matter as long they look beautiful..
  9. whatever you want to say kid, but you didn't honor the deal. yes, i said, better don't let me see you at the gathering because I WAS ANNOYED when you said, CUSTOMER DUNWAN MEANS DUNWAN. and that WAS NOT A THREAT. OKAY, I AM SORRY I GAVE U AN IMPRESSION I THREATEN YOU. TELL ME, if people say things like that to you, won't you be angry ? Another thing, if you are sincere of settling the dispute, why I didn't see any sincerity from you? You promise you will come gathering TWICE, but you NEVER NEVER NEVER appear after the dispute. So what is this? yes, the custom was made beforehand and i offer to you. but since you CHOOSE to FFK, i was furious. seems you are making FUN of me... REMEMBER WHEN YOU WAN TO SELL THE R35 AT RM 10? I DIDN'T COMPLY WIT THE PRICE YOU WANT? you TOLD me, you MESSAGE me at FACEBOOK. But why I didn't get any message? If in case of any Internet failure or delivery failure, okay, I accept. But I just want a REASON why u FFK me and you gave me multiple reasons and that MAKE ME FURIOUS YESTERDAY. 1) NO MONEY. 2) I NEVER SAY 'NO MONEY'. 3) BUSY 4) SORRY, DON'T WANT. which one is TRUE? you keep swinging and don't have a PENDIRIAN YANG TETAP. to other traders who deal with me, they know what kind of fella I am. MODS, i am tired of this fella. just LOCK this topic ad let the DISPUTE ON. No need for editing anything. Just let the public to JUDGE
  10. he say willing to settle and collect the item. but from what i notice, he's non genuine but to save his FACE on HWCM. he said to me, if the buyer doesn't want the item, means don't want. means that if he feel he doesn't want the item , he will say GOODBYE and never tell you till you ask. the best part is, he told me i insist him for the sales. OF COURSE I had to follow up the business deal, you PROMISED you want and you telll me all these! SO DISPUTE ON.
  11. lol we will see tomorrow LOL i got a present for u kekeke see u tomorrow
  12. masa makan nasi beriani jumpa pulak wildspirit haha
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