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  1. jz wan say its a privilige to be a part of this collecting family. like wat monsieur matbear say. fabrique en malaisie
  2. so much hw that it requires double bags nice haul sir
  3. oo garage series are here. nice haul sir. but i think later on it will be available everywhere. jz like those CS, SMs and FRs. price is worth it, considering we r alredi paying almost 15-17 a pop for non rubber wheels
  4. no need go inside. from outside alredi looks small. popular and tru need swap showroom. we dont need so much books, we need more toys! LoL got vintage this morning, but sold out quickly. think they got more stocks. wait restock. no sign of garage
  5. very nice cham sir. white cars r the nicest
  6. zoomckng

    what did u eat?

    all too busy playing/running around. food are ignored
  7. zoomckng

    what did u eat?

    i think sinclair needs to skip this thread. its a different kind of poison
  8. now we know why UHU gam always put beside the hot wheels rack LoL
  9. happy new year to all collectors have a great 2011!
  10. very environmental friendly haul good one sharky
  11. the force needs to be strong in order to score super$
  12. the 599XX is first edition if i'm not mistaken correct? or must it be in normal basic cars in hw line to be considered 1st editions?
  13. thanks for the cars and the great prices. cool seller
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