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  1. cut through cheddar gorge on the way down cracking roads through on the bike.
  2. lol. Some good photo opportunities there and its interesting to see how it changes over the years. Pretty much the only reason I've been back. But yeah, its gotten very expensive and stupidly busy in the last 10 years!
  3. Ah but when you have free tickets, Win Win
  4. Look at my KTM, nothing but problems even that was low mileage! Not called KTM's for nothing ( Keep Taking Money )
  5. If you never been, go Eden project i went the first year it opened and two years back, going again this year trying to convince the misses to go on the bike.
  6. Ask them were it is.. you will get the same excuse they always use it *takes a few days for it to go through the system* or *it was sent but must be in your spam box* Funny, last time i checked emails are pretty damn instant.. and every other company can do it but them!
  7. None. If i like the look of something at the time and its nice to ride then it'll do me
  8. I moved away form MCE after they refused to pay out what my bike was worth.. They left me in the shit for a few reasons. 1) Refused to pay out the price the bike was worth even after sending proof of other bikes for sale 2) refusing to give me the loan bike as stated in my policy agreement. 3) refused to honor protected NCB. I live less than 20 miles from them and its just as bad trying to get help at there office... Blood from a stone springs to mind!
  9. most new heated grips will turn off when power drops below a certain amount. Never had any issues with grips wired straight to battery. Even on a bike with a old had it battery.
  10. aquarium pipe + non return valve for less than a quid and you got yaself one
  11. Heated grips and hand guards is a combination I won't be without.
  12. If it all pans out, i'll be the camera bike. Should be able to borrow a few more GoPro's to add to the ones I got
  13. lol! i think its all wrong they can put the prices up when they get a bunch of bookings. Greedy f*****s these companies. Blame the misses i think
  14. waiting on the misses to confirm the day off work
  15. The hard bit now is to get the Friday off work!
  16. if this trip don't happen , you and Haydon can come up to me for a weekend , I will show you bsaome cracking roads round here mate plan batman Grab me on the way up! i'll dig the SM out for that one lol
  17. New can arrived can't wait to get this lot on tonight.
  18. It's about £600 for the airbox kit, plus a PC III ( V doesn't work on my year apparently.. ) at another £250, then mapping at nearly another £200 lol. looking at over a grand! If I can pick up a PC III cheap then I'll do a DIY Stage 3 Got a 2-1 link pipe ordered now and a new can to go with it. These singles are so much fun and so easy to get power out of them lol. Addictive to say the least!
  19. was going to go stage 3 but its would require a PCIII, dyno time and a few other bits. Too much money to throw at the bike but it does look good ( and adds about 14HP )
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