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  1. were going to Hisaronu which is between Fetiyeh and Olu Deniz where they do all the paragliding,as haveugot1 said the people cant do enough for you to make sure you enjoy your holiday and thats why were going back on monday.
  2. in 3 days 13 hours and 9 minutes to be precise.14 nights all inclusive in Turkey.really surprised they let us go back after we tried our best to drink all their beer last year.
  3. Ill be there probably the first saturday.Been going on and off for about 12 years now and ive got to agree it got steadily worse especially since they moved it into the new halls around the back and about 2 miles from the car park but last year was a vast improvement on recent years.
  4. and if it wasn't for the C90 we wouldnt have bikes like the Fireblade/Pan European and all the other bikes Honda have used the profits from the C90 to develop.anyhow back to topic,I already got what I want and as a wise man once said happines does not come from having what you want but from wanting what you have! here endeth todays lesson
  5. but the 20 miles of twisting turning loveliness that is the B1228 between Howden and York has had large part of it resurfaced with proper tarmac and its like a billiard table.keep it to yourselves though we dont want to spoil it.
  6. just trying to decide wether to take mine or not today.were off to Whitby which normally takes us about 7-8 hours round trip,wouldnt want to have to ride home 4 hours in the rain,having said that theres no rain forcast.hmmmm
  7. my track bikes still got the same battery it had on when i bought it in 2004,hooked up to an optimate all the time and its still fine.once had an optimate pack up on my other halfs bike over winter so i got the oxford oxymiser and up to now no problems.
  8. when i first got back into bikes about 15 years ago i bought myself a big fast blackbird and brought it home.The next day I took my Mrs out on the back,bearing in mind she had never been on a bike in her life and just didnt know what to expect.We had gone about 50 yards from our house and a woman who had just picked her kids up from scool pulled straight out in front of us while she was spun around 180 degrees shouting at little Tommy and Jane in the back.She never looked for us,never saw us and never even knew what she had done.needless to say it didnt put the mrs off but it came very close to having us off.
  9. try here http://www.leather-workshop.co.uk/index.php they normally just do repairs but they may supply you with a zip,had loads of alterations done over the years and shes (Debbie) very good.
  10. Its that time of year again when the farmers are in their fields harvesting the crops so just a reminder to be a bit more observant and take a little more care in the countryside,keep an eye out for mud and crap on the roads(one of the worst hazards is grain thats fallen out of trailers,like little marbles) also keep an eye out for farm machinery on the narrower roads, some of its so wide it can block nearly all the road and thats the last thing you want to find when you go round a corner at xxxmph.Be careful when following tractors pulling trailers,chances are they're not going to indicate before turning into a field and if your overtaking it at the very moment,your not going to come off very well in a fight with a 10 tonne trailer.rule of is if you see a tractor/combine or some other such machine the chances are its being driven by somebody whos been at work for 15 hours and is very tired so the last thing on his/her mind is looking out for bikes.
  11. http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=Brands-BSB%3A-Rider-round-up&newsid=5269
  12. this is what happens when you have generation after generation of children who have no discipline in schools or at home.there is no punishment except to be told to think very hard about what youve just done,well im sorry but IT DOESNT WORK. children need discipline and we are now paying for the abolition of proper punishments in schools and the ban on smacking children.
  13. ive got one of these for sale http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-zenobia-6-p148235 might be a tad big for the bike though,it weighs about 20 kilos .on the positive side you could use one bedroom as a garage and pull some massive wheelies on the waywith that on the back.
  14. anybody going to Brands this weekend? Just loading the car up now so we can set off as soon as i get home from work tomorrow afternoon,should be hitting the M25 around 6pm ish,what could possibly go wrong
  15. me too,just a bit busy at the mo to post any up.
  16. well done m8. as i said a few months ago i lost 5 stones in a year by sheer bloody hard work in the gym and cutting down on eating crap.THERE IS NO MAGIC TABLET OR SECRET TO MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT its just a simple matter of eating less food or moving about a lot more.
  17. be VERY careful what you sign,some companies have been known to demand the differance in value that the panels make to your house if you sell it,i.e. if your house is worth £10,000 more with the panels fitted if you sell they come looking for a cheque for the £10,000
  18. forgot this one. pidgeons,f*****g stupid birds, theyve got millions of acres of countryside to live in but they prefer to sit in the road waiting for me to turn up then they fly up and nearly t**t me in the face.
  19. done 700 miles this weekend, only had the bike 10 weeks and ive put 3500 miles on it.
  20. 1. That horrible tar/gravel s**t they seem to love putting down as a road surface these days,I'm convinced they only put it down on roads we like to ride on to slow us down or make us go somewhere else. 2.Those f*****g stupid petrol pumps with the retracting hoses,who the hell thought of that one,I would love to see them try to fill 2 bikes up like I have to,without damaging a bikes tank or squirting petrol all over the place like I did today. 3.Jeremy Paxton... just dont like the dude..
  21. we just got back in from a run down to Rutland,never seen so much gravel on the roads as there is down there.
  22. well we buried Chris(scratcher)today.probably one of the nicest funerals i have ever been to,if you can call a funeral nice.now im planning on getting very drunk so i apologise if i upset anybody
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