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  1. there is only one http://www.abbastands.co.uk/ not cheap but very very good and you can use it on any bike all you need is the fitting kit.you can also take the swinging arm out and change the rear shock which you cant with a normal paddock stand
  2. http://www.flashfunpages.com/couple.swf
  3. got an iphone 3gs about 3 months ago,everythings been fine up till last weekend when it refused to make any sounds from the speakers,i could still make calls/send texts and use the internet but i couldnt hear it ring so off i trot to the apple store in Meadowhall (known locally as Murderhell) and i was told i need to make an appointment to se a genius,made said appointment for tomorrow afternoon and about an hour ago i got a text message and it works fine now. havent done anything at all to it.I hate technology,wish i could have my old nokia 3310 back,battery lasted a week,it made calls and received texts...thats it,what more do you want from a phone!!!
  4. Ducati Multistrada or KTM 950 Adventure
  5. I would reccomend you put a power commander on it now and get it set up on a rolling road as your mixture will be very weak due to the amount of extra air thats being sucked in,if you dont it could burn your exhaust valves out
  6. Simoncelli's funeral http://www.motogp.com/en/videos/2011/Marco+Simoncellis+Funeral
  7. . There was a link to the footage of the crash but it's already been removed.
  8. bladerunner

    not again

    really dont think we need to see this.
  9. funerals tomorrow at 3pm local time 2pm our time. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2011/simoncelli+coriano+public+viewing hope people can spare a minute just to reflect on the life of Marco
  10. dont mean to be a killjoy or fall out with anybody but i think this is a little inapropriate in light of what happened last weekend
  11. Some time ago I was looking into buying a rav 4 so I did some research into reliability problems and I found out that one of the big problems with the petrol engine is exactly what you describe. The cause was usually one of the lambda sensors but the diagnostics wouldn't say which one. And yes the petrol rav does have four of them
  12. Yes we do need eyes in our asses. Unfortunately when this happens in the eyes of the law it's as much the bikers fault as the car drivers. Whenever I'm filtering down a line of cars I watch out for ANY signs that somebody might do just what happened in the video like look at the front wheels of the cars as they will move before the car swings out, watch out for someone leaving a gap in front of them to give them room to spin round,it might look like they've left the gap for you so be specially ready for that one. Also beware of cars that move over to the left it might not be a bike friendly car driver but someone getting ready to do a uturn. Finally try and look at the driver, either straight at him or through his mirror see what he's doing , you tend to develop a sixth sense over the years and can sometimes just see these things coming.
  13. totally agree the thing about the Cat is that you can have some fun on it without having to go much above the previous 60mph speed limit so you dont a: upset the locals and b:have an accident. theres no need whatsoever to gun it down the few straights at 100+ mph and like you said because of people doing this its spoilt it for everybody. I used to go into Derbyshire every Saturday but this is the first time ive been in about 4 years simply because all the idiots have made sure theres a blanket 50mph speed limit imposed and the Police are quite keen on enforcing it.
  14. Been over the Cat today for the first time since the average speed "safety" cameras were installed and i cant help but think whoever honestly thinks they will stop accidents is seriously mentally retarded.I spent the entire time staring at my speedo scared to death of commiting the terrible crime of exceeding the speed limit and as a result i nearly ran out of road on 2 corners.Now i dont for one minute think of myself as some sort of riding god but i have been riding bikes since i was 11 years old (thats a long long time) and i dread to think what could happen when someone who hasnt been riding very long rides the road
  15. well i looked at the weather forcast this morning,15 degrees and wall to wall sunshine so i thinks perhaps this could be a good day to have my last ride of the year.got kitted out and set off into Derbyshire to have a look at a new bike in Macclesfield for she who must be obeyed. Got about 2 or 3 miles out of town and the temperature dropped like a stone, i were f*****g freezing.( degrees over the Cat n fiddle.(another thread coming about that soon)wasnt even worth the trip,the bike was a bit of a hound.
  16. by that i dont mean best as in what other people think,which bike made you shed a little tear when you sold it.mine was a 2002 Honda Fireblade RR2,i had that bike for 5 years and did 45,000 miles on it.
  17. Just logged on from my phone to see what's happening, pressed the back key and everything came up on French german and Arabic ??? Refreshed the page and it's back in English WTF
  18. well we got back on monday night and as you can imagine been a bit busy since.had a great time eating and drinking (mainly drinking). spent most of the holiday on a sun bed people watching.pictures to follow when i get time to sort them out.
  19. 150-200 miles,long run,pffft just getting warmed up by that time.The other week i did a round trip of 550 miles in one day on my 1098 and me and the Mrs regularly do 300+ miles in a day me on the Ducati her on her R6 so 200 miles is nothing.
  20. no its still lira but they de valued (if thats the right word) their currency its now about 2.75 lira to the pound
  21. in 2004 1,350,000 lira was worth a dollar so i would say probably wouldnt be a good idea to tell the boss where to stick his job just yet
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