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  1. bought 2 of these http://www.hidcity.co.uk/HID-Xenon-H7-Conversion-Kit-p/hid_xenon_h7_kit.htm at the bmf show last saturday, got home and had a look to see if they were the right ones and they were wrong,bugger. so i phoned my mate who was doing the wheelie bike at the show and he got me a couple of free tickets so i took them back on sunday,guy was very apologetic and changed them no problems.got the bikes out today and started fitting them,for some reason the dip beam on myine doesnt work but the main beam does,phoned the guy,15 minute conversation and he is now sending me another relay to hopefully sort it out.so seeing as i had the Mrs's bike out as well i started to fit hers,the f***ing bulb doesnt fit.on the phone again he's going to send the adaptor that fits on the back of the bulb, should all be here tomorrow..watch this space
  2. wonder where Rossi will be next year after his Ducati contract finishes.
  3. a fantastic rider but a moaning little sh*t http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport/sportresults/MotoGP/2012/May/may1712-casey-stoner-announces-retirement/
  4. bit concerned about how 22 bikers have managed to get killed or seriously injured in Daves garage though
  5. one of mine did,the reg rec packed up at 3 years old and fried the battery.£175 for a new one
  6. thing is if he leaves before his contract is finished he will have no choice but to lease his own bikes,no one will want to sign somebody who walks out on his commitment no matter how badly the bike performs.
  7. bladerunner

    hi all

    welcome and finally somebody else with a proper bike
  8. nice bike.i had one when they first came out had 195 on the speedo once,on a private track of course...
  9. seem to remember something about replacement frames not having a number on them so i would look into whether its had a big accident in the past.might be better to get onto DVLA about this
  10. been to fetch it back from Lincoln after having the cambelt tensioner pulleys replaced
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum, I once went to Mick Andrew's shop near Buxton many many years ago to test ride one of his Yamaha TY200 Majesty's and he let me have a go on the 320,scared the s**t out of me,mind you i was only about 15 at the time.
  12. The majority of financial products have a 14 day cooling off period so you can just send the documents back and cancel without having to pay anything.if they get snooty just report it to the FSA or even just threaten to, they'll soon back down.
  13. http://www.megamotorcyclestore.co.uk/
  14. if you can hang on for another month its the BMF show in May at Peterborough.
  15. personally i would go and see whats on offer, you've got nothing to lose and if you dont your always going to be wondering what if.
  16. Ive had 2 piece and 1 piece over the years and heres what i think. A 1 piece is much much more comfortable when riding the bike whereas a 2 piece is more comfortable when your stood around sorting the world out.A 1 piece is far more accomodating for someone whos weight fluctuates,Ive got a Dainese 1 piece that fitted me when i was 17 stone and right down to 14 stone.try fastening your 2 piece jeans after christmas and you'll know what i mean.2 piece is much more versatile as has been said in winter you can wear a textile with the jeans,my advice would be to get whatever fits best thats is THE most important thing and make sure you go to a reputable shop as they will have someone there who knows what they should fit like.I will also say you get what you pay for and if god forbid the worst does happen and you find yourself sliding down the road its a bit late to be thinking i wish i'd bought the better suit.my preferance is the 1 piece, ive got 3 at the moment (but can only fit in 1) a stupidly expensive Dainese,the most comfortable suit i have ever owned without exception,a made to measure BKS,complete waste of money,it would probably protect me from a nuclear explosion but it is made from what seems like 1/4" thick leather and weighs a ton,and the one i wear now,an Alpine Stars i got from the N.E.C for £200.
  17. took the bike in this morning,thought i wouldnt risk riding it so i took it on the trailer.Hooked trailer up this morning and got no indicators or brake lights,had a look round the obvious like bulbs,plug but couldnt see anything so i started taking the trim off from inside the boot to find a big bundle of unconnected wires,what i cant understand is the lights worked fine up till today and i havent touched anything.so i had to risk driving to Lincoln with no lights,got about 20 miles into the journey when one of the trailer tyres blew out,and i mean blew it ripped the tread away from the sidewall about 3/4 of the way round.luckily i had a spare wheel,dont always take one but this time the Mrs asked me if i wanted it putting in the boot.think i might have a beer tonight to steady the old nerves.
  18. not really bike related but its a freebie,been in Starbucks this afternoon and theyve just started using new mugs so i asked the guy behind the counter what theyre doing with the old ones and he said theyre giving them away so i asked for some and he gave me 3 small two medium and a large.Theyre still being listed on ebay for silly money as well.
  19. just missed it stu free practice just finished on eurosport.Stoner fastest rossi in 10th
  20. Did you pay a Grand for yours?? nowhere near,originally i bought a pair of daytona evo sports gtx which are the road going boot,before they went stupid with the prices,the inner boot is plastic and the outer was leather but the sole wore out on my footpegs so i ordered a pair of evo sports outers and they sent me the security evo outers by mistake.course i tried as hard as i could to tell them but my phone suddenly stopped working and funnily enough my internet connection failed unexpectedly. the differance is the security evos have a composite/carbon fibre inner boot and theyre about £500 alone.the outers are about £240 depending on where you get them from. these are mine http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAYTONA-SECURITY-EVO-III-3-RED-2-PIECE-RACE-TRACK-SPEC-MOTORCYCLE-BOOTS-/200709635679?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Boots&var=&hash=item746d24694a#ht_1559wt_1187 Quite a lot of the racers use the inners from these inside their alpine stars/sidis or whatever theyre sponsored to wear. and these are what i had but i didnt pay anything near that for them. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAYTONA-EVO-SPORTS-GTX-GORETEX-GORE-TEX-2-PIECE-MOTORCYCLE-SPORTS-BOOTS-/200709645924?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Boots&var=&hash=item746d24775b#ht_1669wt_1187 If you can stretch to a pair they really are the most comfortable boots going.
  21. firstly i would be surprised if you got more than 3000 miles out of the rear, theyre too soft for the road.secondly people seem to think that because they put soft sticky tyres on their bikes they get more grip.thats not true because these tyres only work properly when you get them hot and even on track unless you can ride within about 10 % of the superstock lap record your not going to get them warm enough.the other problem using them on the road is that because they are a race tyre theyre designed to lose heat whereas a road tyre is designed to retain heat so when you slow down to go through a village your supercorsas cool down and have to be warmed up again before you can give it some.
  22. like this one as well https://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=SDbQ5xvsrIU oops that didnt work..
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