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  1. I wouldnt believe anything till it comes from the man himself.
  2. fancy a trolley dash in here? http://www.petapixel.com/2012/07/31/canons-drool-worthy-gear-room-at-the-london-olympics/
  3. Is that the yorkshire wildlife park?
  4. http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=MotoGP-Laguna:-Hayden-signs-for-another-year-with-Ducati&newsid=7634
  5. And if theres such a thing as Karma, the boss is in hospital now, he had a stroke last Thursday.BUPA of course not your NHS rubbish for him..
  6. http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=Spies-to-quit-factory-Yamaha-MotoGP-team&newsid=7620
  7. Just booked 11 days here in september.think it might just be a tad warmer than over here http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g297555-d631950-Reviews-Falcon_Hills_Hotel-Sharm_El_Sheikh_South_Sinai_Red_Sea_and_Sinai.html
  8. its good stuff this and worth every penny.. ive fitted it to a few bikes over the years and the only advice i can offer is make sure when you handle it that your hands are soaking wet with the soapy water mix to avoid fingerprints
  9. Same here I bought a Frank Thomas gore tex jacket about 11 or 12 years ago and its still 100% waterproof.it even stood up to 4 days of Scottish rain a couple of years ago.
  10. check your reg/rec before you fit a new battery or the same thing will happen again.
  11. and this is why the powers that be love it when were in a "recession" because everybody has to work for next to nothing and be glad theyve got a job while the bosses are laughing all the way to the bank.weve got 7 people who work on the shop floor and 8 in the office and this year we made 7.5 million.the office staff get their bonus and pay rise in April and then they all end up buying new cars and jetting off on holiday,last year the manager went to Australia for 3 weeks and the year before he hired an appartment at the Monaco Grand Prix overlooking the track.The big boss supposedly has to go to the middle east a few times a year as we do a lot of work for the oil companies and every time he goes its business class with his wife in tow staying at that big hotel that looks like a sail all paid for by the firm.He even has his Audi washed and vfully valeted at work every thursday,even when its pi**ing it down.
  12. every year in April we have a wages review and for the last 5 years we "havent made enough money to give the lads a pay rise" even though the boss bought himself a £55,000 Audi A8 in 2009, the manager got a new X type Jag 3 years ago and is now looking at an XF Jag (£30,000)to replace it this year.well this week they finally decided we had made enough to afford a pay rise so they have decided that 2.5% is all were worth BUT because we had an extra day off for the Jubilee its not going to be backdated to April.You can never do too much for a good firm can you?
  13. their homepage http://www.darleymoor.co.uk they do a race school there run by a guy called Mick Boddice.cant find a link to his website though.
  14. also this one with Guy martin next Monday night at 10 on Channel 4 http://www.channel4.com/programmes/daredevils-life-on-the-edge/episode-guide/series-1/episode-1
  15. dont know why were so paranoid about mileage in this country, a modern bike will easily do 100,000 miles if its serviced properly.i think it stems from the days when most bikes were 2 stroke and were usually good for about 10-15k before they blow up.Last year i sold my 4 year old blade with 20k on the clock and i couldnt believe the number of people who said it was high mileage for the year,ffs its only 5k a year, what are you supposed to do buy a bike and sit and look at it for 4 years then sell it just so the next owner gets a low mileage bike.I also think that because of the weather in this country we dont ride as much as we would like to so usually when you see a high mileage bike its pretty old and knocked about so people confuse mileage with age.I bought my first blade in 2002,had it 5 years and put 45,000 miles on it and when i came to sell it the dealer didn't believe the mileage was genuine because it was in such good condition,I could put it at the side of some bikes with 10,000 on the clock and mine was in much better condition.
  16. A few cable ties will hold that, its all they use on a lot of bought ones.
  17. I agree with it in principle but what if your in a strange town and not sure where your going, its the easiest thing in the world to get in the wrong lane on a roundabout,especially at rush hour when your surrounded by people who are trying to get to work,and if your being followed by a cop thats £90 for not knowing where your going.Also near where i live they repainted the lane markers on two big roundabouts about a year ago and changed all the priorities and even now people still get in the wrong lane.
  18. is this the polices new policy of speed enforcement,the one in the middles carrying the hair dryer and it looks like the copper on the rights holding a gun.instant justice
  19. would love to but the Mrs hates riding in Derbyshire.
  20. http://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&category=OOOX but before you start spending money,have you got your levers adjusted properly, if you have to bend your hand back to operate the clutch or brake your putting a lot of strain on your wrists.try pointing the levers down a bit first,might save you a lot of money.
  21. there should be a little metal spacer that fits on the bolts between the R&G cover and your case,theyre a nightmare to fit to the clutch side unless you've got a center stand as every time you offer the cover up they slide off the screws.i stuck them on with a bit of silicon sealant,makes life a bit easier.as for torque setting,just the same as the standard screws.
  22. technically they already are illegal but if it stops some dozy t****r pulling out on us then I'll take my chances with the rozzers.think they might be more concerned about my dark visor,full race cans and small numberplate though.
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