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  1. so why dont all passengers in cars have to get out when they fill up just in case the car catches fire.
  2. Sorry Bladerunner, its a lot closer to homeKnockhill No sorry Stue not Knockhill Anglesey then
  3. These dont have timing belts,think the only bikes that do are Ducati.
  4. why not just get a wiring harness adaptor off ebay or if you want to pay through the nose for it halfords sell em.you will probably need a VW to iso loom then an iso to whatever the stereo is.
  5. I can just imagine him sat there with a mug of tea listening to it running.
  6. I'm off tomorrow afternoon I've put about 6 pounds on over christmas,giving myself a target of 1 month to lose it and some more.need to get about 10 pounds off to be where i was last year.
  7. snoopy versus the red baron by the royal guardsmen
  8. you want wierd... http://www.fat-pie.com/salad.htm
  9. DONT DO IT its the worst thing you can do to the engine,its much better to just leave it till your ready to ride it properly.the reasons not to are 1 the engine gets warm but because you dont ride it the gearbox doesn't,this can warp the engine cases. 2 any moisture in the exhaust will not evaporate fully until its been ridden a few miles. 3 you will end up with condensation forming on the engine oil that can do some serious damage (thats the scummy stuff you see on top of the oil through the sight glass.
  10. Decided I'm not going to break any more speed limits,pull wheelies and get my knee down next year.
  11. We haven't had a pay rise since 2006 because we supposedly haven't made any money but since then one boss has had a brand new £40,000 jag and the other a £55,000 Audi a8. They both dissappear for 3 weeks holiday to faraway places every year and to top it all off one of them was overheard sayin he couldn't understand why anybody would want to borrow money to buy a car. Same person doesn't even know what a mortgage is.
  12. what is it about some (and i repeat loudly for the hard of thinking SOME) women drivers,their driving career seems to go 1. pass test 2.buy THE smallest cutest car available,give it a name and fill it with pink stuff 3.get married and give up driving 4.knock a couple of kids out 5.buy the BIGGEST long wheelbase 4X4 truck in the world to carry a pram around in 6.spend the rest of their lives trying to park in supermarket and shopping centre car parks at 45 degrees to the parking space and taking 2 and a half spaces up while bringing half the city to a standstill because everybodys waiting for them to park the family bus.
  13. bladerunner

    Sorry but

    i dont for one minute think that all women are bad drivers but could someone please explain the thought process if there is one behind what seems to be the driving career of a lot of women. 1. pass test 2.buy the smallest car available because you cant drive anything big,and fill it full of pink stuff 3.get married 4.drop a kid or 2 5.buy the BIGGEST f**k off 4X4 long wheelbase truck on the market 5.spend the rest of your life trying to get in/out of parking spaces in supermarkets/shopping centers.
  14. as the title says and ive come across a timing light,now i cant remember the last time i used it and i cant see when i would be using it again these days what with electronic ignition and a diesel car.Is there any reason to keep it or does it go in the bin,sorry for re-cycling..
  15. A few years ago we bought her an ER5 from a certain Yamaha dealer in Chesterfield for £2,500.6 months later we saw an SV650 she liked the look of in the same shop so asked the question how much would he give us for the ER5 against it. £850 was all he offered.I just stood up and walked straight out of the shop ranting something about never spending another penny there ever again.we kept the Er another year and still got £250 more for it at another yamaha dealer.
  16. My Mrs is fancying a new bike and has decided she wants to chop the R6 in for a GSXR 750. I found one,a nice looking 2007 one not far from me a few weeks ago but just havent had the time to go and look at it but this weekend was looking ok so I phoned the guy on Thursday just to find out if it was still available and also see if he would be interested in doing the deal.After a few questions about the gixxer i asked him how many owners it had on the log book.Dont you think that 5 owners in 4 years is a little worrying,he didnt he said its perfectly normal(yeah right) and theres no reason to worry about it.when i told him about the R6,a 2004 model with 23,000 miles and never been out in the rain,with 2 owners he told me that it was a particularly high mileage and wouldnt be worth very much as a trade in.Ffs its only 3,000 miles a year.so whats the difference between a knackered old shonker and a minter,I'll tell you, if a dealers selling it whatevers wrong with it its a minter if he's buying it it's a knackered old shonker.sad thing is sooner or later somebody will fall for his sh1t.personally i wouldnt touch a bike like that with a bargepole because the way i see it is the first owner probably didnt intend to keep it more than a year or so and as a result probably never bothered running it in properly,and why should he, if theres any problems in the first year they get sorted and if it goes bang after 2 or 3 years, its not his problem.so the quest continues...
  17. if you get a simonly from O2 you can get 900 mins unlimited texts and add a £5 bolt on for the internet for £21.50 a month http://shop.o2.co.uk/tariffs/simplicity/12_months
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