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  1. hang em off a speed camera,fill it full of petrol,chuck a match at it and
  2. well ive moved house today,yesterday i was in central london now im just to the west of reading,
  3. i made one using an old optimate plug and a socket from maplins,cost me about 3 quid and i keep it in my bum bag and only intend to use it to power my phone if the battery runs flat.that looks a lot neater though but for the amount of times i have used it (none yet)i couldnt justify the price.
  4. been out today around staffordshire had a great day and the weathers been good as well.coming home we came through derbyshire (god only knows why people like to ride the place but thats another story) from Macclesfield through Whaley bridge/chapel en le frith and finally ladybower back into sheffield. just managed to get past a load of cars on the snake pass and i was looking forward to a bit of a thrash down the twisty bit when i noticed some w****r had dropped a line of diesel 6 inches wide for about 5 miles from the strines turn off right back to rivelin valley (if you know the area you know where i mean)
  5. check this out, the mans an arse but he can ride a motorbike
  6. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=22984504&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=00adef&fullscreen=1&autoplay=1&loop=0
  7. http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=index
  8. 1, google home page 2, click maps 3, get directions 4, start location - china 5, end location - taiwan 6, read line 48 this is where the waterproofs come in handy
  9. about 6 or 7 years ago i met a guy called Chris Drew aka Scratcher on another internet forum,over the years ive met him quite a few times and chatted online taking advantage of his immense knowledge of everything two wheeled.A couple of years ago he started to restore an old honda VF1000F and documented the process on the forum,his posts were fascinating, his attention to detail was second to none.Last year he sold his Fireblade and bought a CB1300 so he could travel the country this summer and visit old friends from the forum that unfortunately is no more.towards the back end of last year Chris started getting pains in his stomach and after several visits to the doctor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.He was operated on early this year but the cancer had spread too far for the surgeons to remove it so he underwent a course of chemotherapy.Unfortunately the first course didnt work so the doctors put him on another course once he had got over the first one.This also didnt work and yesterday i got the worst call anyone could wish to recieve,Chris had died leaving behind a wife and 2 sons.So the message i want to pass on is that if you are thinking about doing something,going somewhere or whatever do it now,dont think tomorrow,next week,next year,think of Chris and his plans for next year as you just never know what the big fellas got in store for you.
  10. heres my mrs getting her birthday present.shes got bigger Balls than me!! http://s707.photobucket.com/albums/ww73/chrissoftley/?action=view&current=tandemskydiveupload.mp4
  11. Any idea what time the rideout will be setting off, i might try and make it down for this.
  12. looks tidy,just watch out for that 16,000 mile service with the valve clearances,it can be a bit pricey on the vtec motor
  13. toddling up the A161 yesterday at a "reasonable" pace,theres a lovely long fast left hand bend just before you get into goole.enter bend at around 80 ish only to see a f*****g pheasant wandering across the road right in front of me.stand the bike up,hard on the brakes and ran across the other side of the road,luckily there wasnt anything coming but thats another of my 9 lives gone and a new pair of underpants on order. then as im nearly home some dozy mare decides to nearly have me off when she spots a parking space on my side of the road and cuts straight across in front of me.Did i mention the pigeon that tried to hitch a ride through Driffield,or the squirrel that darted across the road and i missed by about a foot. It seems like sometimes i just get days like that when it seems like all the worlds out to get me.
  14. were off to Helmsley then maybe Whitby and finally down to Wetwang for the best fish and chips in Yorkshire.
  15. been out in Lincolnshire all afternoon and never saw a spot of rain.got a bit dark out towards willingham though.
  16. get a bowl of warm water,put some washing up liquid in it and whisk it up till it foams up then use the foam with a soft brush NOT THE WATER and wipe it off with a cloth. I was told this by an upholsterer its what the professionals use to clean leather and it works a treat.
  17. try washing up liquid with either salt or sugar in it.
  18. might be an idea to have a sticky where people can report big diesel spills like the one i saw on monday at Gainsborough.These spills dont go away for weeks,they keep re emerging every time it rains so if someone sees a spill,report it on here and you never know it might just save somebodys neck.
  19. Since i got the Ducati i tend to get people coming up to me for a chat when i park up,which is fine,i dont bite BUT why do the non bike riding people always start off with "nice bike blah blah then at some point tell me that they would never get a bike because somebody they know got killed on one.sorry but i dont need reminding that this is a dangerous hobby, i'm fully aware that people get hurt and even lose their lives for the love of riding a bike and i'm sorry you lost a friend but i get fed up with people telling me.If i go up to someone who plays football i dont say i know somebody who had a heart attack while he was playing football so why tell me you know somebody who died riding a bike.
  20. why not just put a plastic bag over it.100% waterproof and about a quid for 40
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