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  1. we got 1 car at £245 one at £130 and two bikes at £74 each then theres insurance, servicing and petrol/diesel on top..seems like im working 4 days a week to pay for the taxes on our cars/bikes
  2. and this was the one that made him famous no matter what you think about him you've got to admire his bike handling skills
  3. over the years between us we've had 2 yamahas,2 kawasakis,2 Suzukis and 4 Hondas ranging from 1996 to 2007 and the paint and quality of finish on the Hondas is far far better than any of the other japs,after 5 years and 45,000 miles my 2002 blade still looked like new with a bit of autoglym.dread to think what her gixxers gonna look like in a couple of years,no wonder so many people spray Suzuki's
  4. this is not going to make me very popular but I've been looking round the Mrs's Gixxer today and the finish of the paint and coating on the frame/swinging arm is to be honest sh1t.I also thought that it was just something about my Gixxer track bike but the fasteners just seem rough when you take them out,as if theyre not going to be long before theres no thread left and they leave a little pile of aluminium filings around the hole. I'll get me coat
  5. and heres the bloke who started it all
  6. thats if theres any riders left after testing this week,Haslams bust his heel,hopkins out with a busted hand,laverty,brooks and rea been chucking their bikes at the marshals.
  7. mines more home cinema based than music but i still like to listen to music. Ive got Pioneer BDP 333 blu ray Yamaha RXV-1067 reciever Kef Q30 front, reference 100 center and 60s surround speakers and a Rel Stadium Subwoofer. Ive also got quite a bit of kit that i need to get installed in the car but just haven't had the time.
  8. bladerunner


    welcome to the forum we might have a mutual aquaintance if you know about aintree, you know Dave Holden?
  9. Well it happened she dropped last night. Would love to see rossis face when he found out
  10. heard a bit of a rumour before i posted this but after a bit of digging this turned up http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-racing-news-moto-gp/rumour-stoner-becomes-a-father/20097.html dont know if its true or not but i can just imagine the smile on Rossi's face.
  11. Casey Stoners first born is due today,Valentino Rossi's birthday.
  12. Maplins or ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=rubber+blanking+plug&_sacat=See-All-Categories
  13. two words spring to mind when i watch that,screw and loose
  14. couple of weeks ago as ive already said somewhere else on here my Mrs sold her R6 to a german bike dealer.This guy came over to collect it on the saturday night we had a foot of snow,thought that was bad enough but he took it away on a trailer along with a stack of other bikes,thats the last we'll see of that or so i thought.last friday she got a letter from the DVLA,the bikes been photographed by an ANPR camera in Liverpool on the morning after we sold it at 5 o'clock while declared S.o.r.n. Well yes it will get picked up its numberplate was showing but it wasnt on the f*****g road it was on a trailer.pity theres no one clever enough to look at the photo before they send the nasty letters out.
  15. ok here we go, picked it up Saturday as planned,brought it back on the trailer and had to wash it when i got home it was covered in salt.
  16. I might be able to come over and have a look this saturday,cant say for definite just yet.
  17. off to pick my better halfs new bike up today, pics to follow.
  18. i would save your money and spend it on locks chains and a ground anchor.nobody takes a blind bit of notice if an alarms going off these days and if they want your bike theyre going to have it,alarms dont stop them but locks and chains slow them down a bit.A lot of the time they pull up in a van,4 big lads jump out the back stick a scaffold pole through each wheel and launch it in the back of the van. by the time your alarm starts screaming theyre 100 yards down the road.And on a day to day basis,theyre a pain in the f*****g ar5e.
  19. Just sold my other halfs R6 on ebay and the guy who bought it made me an offer within 12 hours of listing it,so odviously i accepted,but i found out afterwards that this guy was a german dealer and he had bought 16 bikes to export to germany.Got talking to him last night when he came to pick it up and it turns out he does this trip once a month.thing is he's not the only one doing it and i got to thinking sooner or later its going to have an effect on used bike prices in the UK as theres not going to be that many to go around.
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