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  1. great pics,i was there too,brilliant weekend,met randy mamola,king kenny,and had a short chat with john mcguiness.will be going next year for the 11 time.
  2. a few of us heading up to aber for the bike show tomorrow,anyone else going?
  3. only managed a couple of local trips last weekend so approx another 90 miles,so nearly 700 so far
  4. another 200 or so on friday,rain ,hail,and sunshine,enjoyed every minute
  5. just started using r222,very good results,punches way above its price and the reflective qualities are outstanding,looks "wet" and colour depth is brill,and its only approx £30
  6. congratulations........but dont get rid of bike,no no no,lol
  7. i will try and get down on the sunday morning if poss to say hello
  8. paint polishers should max out at 2500rpm,angle grinders etc are far too fast and could quite easily burn through paint,especially with crap water based paint,bst ones are variable speed up to 2500. £150 approx.i use a cp. polisher ,had it for about 6 yrs and its brill."spraygunsdirect" has them for £159.
  9. the only thing missing is the fire extinguisher .nice bike though,love vtwins
  10. been to N.E.C today,and so i asked santa for the new cb1100,failing that anything for me bike
  11. its yer age Dave....it will come when yer neck is knackered,and yer back aches cos of sport bikes,....it will come
  12. c'mon be fair,wont take six hours,its a suzuki,so will probs break down after an hour
  13. are you gonna do another bking video of a lap ??
  14. dont know who the lady is,but she obviously has class.
  15. as me dad (ex para) says flying is safe as long as you have a parachute lol.
  16. so sorry to hear your bad news,thoughts with you and your family
  17. we will be going on the last sunday as usual,last year picked up a couple of outstanding bargains
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