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  1. i really liked them! cause I love castles and pink!
  2. ti kanete agapes? p eistai xamenes oles? m leipete!
  3. yeah it was amazing!!! if i haven't had so much studies to do i would have 1000% partcipated!!!! loved also the challenges in every round!
  4. omg!!!!!! I loveeeeeee the theme!!!!!! I love princesses and pink castels!!!!! love the bathroom items and the fountain and the books and the squirel! i wish the clothes were with regular coins!
  5. i'm dying to see itttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to come to greece!!!!!! it is amazing!!!!!
  6. it's amazing to keep updating your knowledge !!! i think it is fantastic! so nice of you! good luck with your class and i'm sure you'll do great and it is a great example for your kids that, one should not be stable but keep adding knowledge and skills! and no fear to try new things!
  7. great entries!!!! i'll post mine later!
  8. not all of them! only i wish i could! i don't buy cc anymore! and i bought a few furnitures and other stuff that i distributed in my rooms!
  9. great to be safe now!!! i do also have regularly scan on my pc! it's great! i feel safe!
  10. i really like this week!!!! and the movie i have seen it!!! so much work in this movie~
  11. you always have amazing shops! and sales! good luck!!!!!
  12. i spend also a few for three-four items and the clothes but it's not plesant thing a hospital! it's deprecing! i wouldn't want have medical machines in my house!
  13. i have my sisters' account but yeah even the stuff i have in mine i don't use all them and have forgoten about them! that's why i buy the things i really like now and no more than one!
  14. wish we could gift them, because it would be nice to give the staff i have twice to my friends!
  15. nice to be active again! happy new year!!!!!
  16. congrats to the winners!!!! i was a little bit late! and happy new year!
  17. merry christmas to everyone!!!!!!! :carol:
  18. poia tinia tha deite twra stis giortes? egw thelw n dw t meet the fockers 3!!!!!!
  19. poio einai t agaphmeno sas mexri stigmhs xistougenniatiko? emena akoma t mousiko kouti!!!! einai k dwro mias filhs m!
  20. koristiaaaaaaaa eimai poly xaroumenhhhhhhhh eskisa stous bathmous ta phga teleia ayto t examhnoooo!!!!!!
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