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  1. A bit of rally machine...and its city sibling
  2. Haven't visited the forum in a while... Hallo Again everyone... (Mr. Admin, forgive some of the "non-HW" mix....) A FEW NON-HW HERE...apology... See you around guys...
  3. Nice pics..and the Flashsider of course
  4. Nice one LSK... haulin never stop eh?
  5. Darn...nice "ghost rider" machine... what's the 'damage' to get it over there Sinclair ?
  6. Zedd_68

    2013 haul

    T-hunt specialist...mr. Loke
  7. They were found at one of the toy shop in Bangsar...
  8. Hmmm...guess we will wait for the enterprising members to bring them in.. ...I have not even seen the DC Comics series #2 up close
  9. Aiyo Zoom...I think that's the list of payee lor...I am/was one of the last few who paid for the dinner...
  10. Very nice officer...elegant
  11. Forget it...as most of the veterans have stated (onlie and offline), it is now reaching critical mass.. I think the brand owner dont care much if it is stuffed to the brim with peg warmers. So long as retailers ordered them, the cash will be flowing in....pegs situation be damned. Not long now till most will turn to enterprising collectors/traders for the good stuff from yester years or us-only...
  12. Very nice haul indeed... ...NO PROBLEM BRO, let me know when to collect Vandenan stuff from me.
  13. Wow...a very 'clean' custom
  14. No intention of poisoning la bros...SHARING (btw: thank you Atom for the wonderful vid) They should resume this; they are nicer from most of the Boulevards.. ..sigh, still looking for extras...and the porsche especially to complete the set
  15. Nice green with red wheels...the red one has nicer wheels..IMHO.. the creeper premiere is also nice vandenan...like spiderman car :p
  16. Thanks Atom...an honor sir Too bad we dont have the Porsche to complete the assemble. Hope next week another member(s) will turn up with it.
  17. Thanks Sam. Too bad the series is cancelled, and these are amongst the hardest to find for 2012 release.
  18. Zedd_68


    Rudi66, UGPM. Update: rodzilla traded, murai and yellow estoque sold.
  19. nice...must have been driven in the flash flood around KL
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