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  1. Hi folks started working on the exup on and off last while , looking for bits and bobs to finally build the dream bike I've lusted over since 1999 the beautiful Nori Haga Yamaha R7 OW02 and finally I'm almost there . I'll update the thread in the next few days with a few pics but I can honestly say now it's almost finished ...... Steve
  2. Hi peeps It's been at least 2yrs since I've been on the site but it feels good to be back so hi to all newbies, oldies...everyone I've had some massive changes in my life last 3yrs some good some bad ...the usual life challenges but hopefully I'm now in a way better place Think the only thing that's been a constant the last 15yrs has been the exups and the other projects that have kept me sane or I think they have ...lol I'll start updating my R7 project in the nxt few days so hope you enjoy Anyway cheers to you all !!!! Damn it's good to be back Steve
  3. i'd av to say Yamaha..tho i will admit to having had a few honda's too over the years specially fireblades...but for me my fzr1000 exup or the r1's ive owned av been way more fun...and if i win the lottery i'll buy a mint R7 for the livingroom...its a piece ov art
  4. ive got two 89 fzr 1000 exups myself...check the forum for pics ov them...
  5. he's been my fav rider for a long time...hence the r7 rep bodywork for the exup project to be painted in his race colours and the Arai haga41 rep lid i bought a few mths back
  6. chad get the bike on the yamaha forum bro ..loads ov guys on there with fzr600's
  7. Itchy....Mk2 Bandit 600 & Suzuki Vstrom 1000 Rose...Mk2 Honda CBF1000F Day101...GSXR 600 SRAD Gazman...Mk1 600 bandit Davehutch...Mk1 1200 bandit & BSA b40 & B-King Tubthumper...MK1 600 Bandit bfg...GSXR 750 WR & CB450DX Fr499y... Z1000, KTM 950 SM, XJ 600 Diversion & occasionally FJR 1300 Stuell Mk1 B12 Rizla blue Dick65..YZF1000R Yamaha Thunderace. MADSOD RF 900 & GSXR 1000 K3 stantheman 1250 bandit streetmoto...Triumph Scrambler & Yamaha Fzs600 Fazer sweban...bandit 1250,intruder 1400,GSX 1400 & FZ8 dandan...Triumph Daytona 675 & mk1 b6 richg....mk1 600 bandit & honda c90c & honda vision & honda pc50 onslow yamaha xjr1300 Macie_UK...Triumph TT600 Darkember...VTR F2 Firestorm BanditMike....Mk 2 B12 (sometimes borrow the sons VTR ) Trebor4460... Mrk1 1200 Bandit Firehawk... Your Missus Flange..Hornet 900 Nickerbelly...Kawasaki ZZR1100 D1 Chadatious... Suzuki SV650N Andynec...gsx1400/Yam R1 bladerunner...Ducati 1098 and GSXR 1000K2 track bike Louismanx... TDM900 & occasional Neos50 (when my wife allows me) Gavlar1200... Mk2 1200 bandit Tony Nitrous...B-King, Bandit 12, GSX1100ET, Hayabusa Streetfighter. goferit...........Sprint,1050 S.T. + T100 Bonneville steph42........89 yamaha fzr 1000 exup, 93 honda cbr600 erion edition
  8. another bike dealer bites the dust...things are looking grim at the moment..and to top it all i've just lost my job too..!
  9. welcome to the forum ...good bunch on here...enjoy...lol
  10. steph42


    welcome to the site..doesnt matter wot size ov bike you ride the important thing is your on 2wheels and you'll get plenty ov encouragement on here to move up to something with bigger cc's...lol
  11. the race rear seat will come bare its just the seat unit itself...no subframe checkout ebay for a race seat ,style, model etc your after or do a google image search the only thing youd have to do is fabricate your seat mounts and thats a pretty simple job i'm sure between both yourself and chad you could do a good job
  12. go on the kwak forum av a look around you'll prob find spec measurements ur after without difficulty...if u av to force it to fit ...good chance its gona break at some point and if your riding it when it happens ....OUCH..! Why not check out some race body work most fibreglass race seats can be made to fit virtually any rear subframe and as you cant weld ...go dwn that route...fibreglassings pretty easy and if u screw it up its easy to fix
  13. 15yrs for me but age means nothing these days does it....?
  14. ok mate its ur bike but i think ur mak'in a HUGE ...!!!!!!!!!!!! mistake takin the grinder to this bike put it back to original...c'mon mate,i just aint a fan ov streetfightered sports bikes..!!!!!!!
  15. zx-6r should fit with some minor mods i recon just depends if you wana keep using yamaha parts....also cbr600rr maybe an option too..?
  16. steph42

    Another Newbie

    welcome matey thats gona be a nice wee project that ...you go'in for Bobber style....nice mate and goodluck
  17. Sadly i've decided to put my much loved 86 supra up for sale as ive just bought a scooby sti.... its totally standard and original , not perfect but in vry good condition its 26yrs old remember, its been serviced by toyota most ov its life and ovr the last 3 mths ive had it fully serviced timing belt and all fluids including dif and g/box, its an auto with a/c power steering and all the electric working as they should..genuine 204,000 miles on the clock 1 owner before me, ive owned it for 6mths...but as above the scooby forces sale, ive nowhere to store the supra As for how much i wont take a penny less than £1400 for it she's worth more than that in parts alone..! Any1 interested please get in touch ...tho i'd like the car to goto some1 who'll enjoy it
  18. gimmie a shout on the forum matey if you need help advice wi the bike i've owned 2 in the past and work on most yamahas on a regular basis ive got an 89 thou exup myself , tbh if i was you i'd put the bike back to standard it'll be worth vry good money as the 400 maket is a thriving buisiness in the second hand market and fzr400's in as near original condition DO fetch good money...also a massive fav with the track day boys...excellent little bike
  19. just read in this weeks MCN he's just bought a WW2 rolls royce merlin engine from a spitfire to put in his living room ....wot a bloke..! lmao
  20. Between 12 and 1500 bucks baring in mind its been off road for 2yrs the carbs are gona need cleaned out and set up again...there's a few hundred quid in that alone bonus if you can do it yourself nice bike hornets oh and the earlier model 918 and 929 fire blade engine slots straight into the frame with virtually no mods....
  21. nice 1 stu its amazing just how much you get addicted to the PAIN at the gym ...lol i started back 2nite i gona be crippled in the morn.. i dnt start back at my taekwondo club till end ov the month ...god the old legs feel heavy..!
  22. simples . ..aprillia tuono....v-twin power and style , does the lot specially the R version with better spec getting affordable now too
  23. Before you strip the engine take the cam chain tensioner off place it in a bowl ov engine oil and pump the tensioner piston a few times thy get dry on loose slight pressure this should reprime it if this doesn't work fit a new cam chain tensioner (the manual adjustment type if you can they're way better )1st and try it, they get noisy when they're worn. also the chain guide maybe worn but i believe it can be replaced without a complete strip down.
  24. I have to AGREE totally wi you Bro ive only been on the site a few mths myself ....Great bunch ov people on here its friendly, great banter but the best bit for me is your always made to feel welcome...FANTASTIC
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